Modern Bass sound in Renoise Type A

fl studio for mac


FL Studio is now a native macOS/OS X 64-Bit Application: You can test the 12.5.1 features listed above using the Beta installer here.  Customers, please drop into the Beta Test forum and let us know what you think.

The making of “RotPsycho100” Part I ( Doing Speedcore on renoise)

Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 Official Introduction

Renoise have the best sampler

Octatrack dj set

the octatrack is a hell a of dj box. it’s costy but it’s wicked.i will do i tutorial i soon as i can cause for me skullstep/darkstep/crossbreed is made to be mixed with ableton or octatrack cause most tracks have different rythms and can’t be mixed in tempo but should be mixed in cut like dub wich the uk hardcore rave comes from

Renoise beginner tutorial