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ILLEGAL TRADE “Acid For The Royal Family”

Artist Illegal trade

Format CD

Label Hands

Release Date out now

ILLEGAL TRADE debut album “Acid For The Royal Family” out on Hands March 19th 2015
HANDS presents the new side-project of AMBASSADOR21, lined up to pay homage to the unrestrained kind of industrial music that influenced Natasha and Alexey to start it all. The result is everything but retro though, a contemporary, yet extra hard approach at industrial hardcore crossbreed, nine tracks gripping you firmly with their rhythmic impact and a seamless stream of little elements of sound. Thus, over the nearly 50 minutes of the album’s duration, suspension is held high effortlessly, like witnessing a fast-motion time lapse caused by the speed of sound.
What can be harder than AMBASSADOR21? ILLEGAL TRADE!
01. Olga Is Dead
02. Acid For The Royal Family
03. Lucky Junkies
04. Go Home
05. Space Hunter
06. Cold Cash War
07. Ripping Reality
08. Zoom
09. Stalker

Critical Bass Arena Vol.70 Feat Big – Head Multiprogramm

1- Big-Head & Circulato – Countdown To Destroy
2- Big-Head – Time Collapse
3- Big-Head – Master Of Frost
4- Big-Head – Melanoblast
5- Big-Head – Hidden Sanctuary
6- Big-Head & Circular D – Frozen Island
7- Big-Head – Dingir
8- Big-Head – Joetunn
9- Big-Head – Beware I Come
10- Big-Head & C.V.I – Sonic Blast (feat. Inerpois & Krieg)
11- Big-Head – Devastation
12- Big-Head & Nagato – Forever Undefined
13- Big-Head & Lous Device – Xardas
14- Big-Head – An Infinite Regression
15- Big-Head – Infinity Is Not A Limit
16- Maza & Perimetre – Burnt Fat *Big-Head Remix*
17- Big-Head – Rocket Ride
18- Big-Head & Nagato – Starfire
19- Big-Head – The Silence *Ssaki VIP*
20- Big-Head & Nagato – Mind Slop
21- Big-Head – Antique
29- Big-Head – Wormhole

SUB 12.5 Machine Code

Artist Machine code

Label Subsistenz

Format 12″ & Digital

Release date 30.03.15


Satanicast Contest


i want to tell i’m proud to host the satanicast mix contest. the Deadline is the 2 May. You have to send a mix link (on some download host) to deadbysilence@ Send it with a tracklist. kudos for a live pa.the mix should not be posted on soundcloud or mixcloud to keep it secret.

The five better mix will be featured with an interview by mail on this blog.

tell this opportunites to your friend and keep it dark :)

EDIT i’ve had mail problem (my mail hacked) so please resend it thanks

Cooh – Face Your Fears EP

Artist Cooh

Label Othercide

Format Digital

Release Date soon

SICKDIG 039 – Forgiven Soul

Label Future sickness

Artist Forgive Soul

Release date

tracklist: 2015-03-09

Format digital


A/ Forgiven Soul – Oculus B/ Forgiven Soul – Gould Belt


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