Renegade Hardware Remix Competition

historical techstep drum’n”bass label remix competiton

To take part is very simple. We have none other than the one and only Manifest and his legendary O.G Returns track on Hardware for you to remix.

Click the link below to hear the original version.

To enter the competition all you have to do is click the link and get access to all parts for you to remix this Hardware classic.…

Once you’ve created your track send a link of the finished tune to the SoundCloud email please.

The closing date for submissions for this competition is Saturday the 9th of July 2016. The winner will be announced via Hardware the following week.

Please do not make your submissions public until the competition is over and winner announced.

Good luck. RH Team

Deathstep Tutorial #1 – Bass Design [Ableton Live]

Tepes by Fractional

Artist Fractional

Label raumklang

Format digital

Release date Out now

Regression by Synthamesk

Artist Synthamesk

Label Kaometry

Format digital

Release date Out Now

TenGraphs – Absolute Zero EP

Artist tengraphs

Label crownset

Format digital

Release date Soon

Zornix – Catatumbo (Culture DJ Podcast)

01) No Limit & Zornix – Groupie Melody
02) The Mastery – Stop to Dependency
03) No Limit – Rock Your Brain
04) Igneon System – Demonic Possession
05) Armageddon Project – Flight Of The Phoenix
06) Mokushi – Thracore
07) No Limit & Zornix – Won’t Forgive Her
08) Stolen Cult – Strictly Hardcore Underground
09) Waldhaus – Radio Werland
10) District7 – Deep Depression
11) Piecemaker – Smells Like Pure Gasoline
12) Ophidian – Abandon
13) The DJ Producer – Futurepast
14) Counterfeit – Ed Mixin
15) Igneon System – Ground Shaker
16) Mark Frostbite – Anthem Of Evil
17) Xaturate – Underground Funk
18) Anarchy Rhythms – Are We Sick?
19) Psiko & Zornix – Green Diktat (unmastered – to be released…)

[Triamer recordings 010] Big – Head – Haunted EP

Artist Big Head

Label Triamer

Format digital

Release date 19/04/2016

. Big-Head – Haunted
2. Big-Head – Rocket Ride
3. Big-Head – Beware i come
4. Big-Head – Blood lust



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