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Outerspace Podcast #010 – Psytekk


Counterstrike – Fear Devision Destruction
Lucy Furr – submission
Donny – forgotten coma (Counterstrike Duo mix)
The Outside Agency & Deathmachine – just noise
Deathmachine – sick bass
Sei2ure – i had a dream
Satan – bad motherfucker
Satan – way out
Fragz – FTK
Micromakine & Sinister Souls – invaders
The DJ Producer – the last great overdose (Ophidian revision)
DKaos – Epistemic
Tatlum – show yourself
Satan – Punishment
Satan – breath of creation
I:gor – lose yourself
Micromakine – negative education
The Outside Agency & Deathmachine – my design
The Hard way – death kicks
Deathmachine – lost light
Micromakine – full immersion
Traffik – incriminating evidence (Deathmachine disturbing corruption rmx)
Noisia feat Skin – nothing matters (Promo & DJIPE bootleg)
Ophidian – Abandon
Dither – alien resistance (Sei2ure rmx)
Sei2ure – come and play
The Hard Way – Panzerchokolade
DJIPE – architekt of domination
DJIPE – combine 17
The DJ Producer – out of control (Negative A revision)
DJIPE – alone with the machines
Tripped vs Detest – hardcore to the penis
Khaoz Engine – shadowboxer
Tripped vs Detest – tba
Stormtrooper – nasty kicks
The DJ Producer – positive outlook (Dolphin revision)
Detest – beer song of death
Xaturate & Sinister Souls – Skullfucker
Dolphin – stormbringer
Hellfish – i’m not leaving

How to get the most of your gear

One big mistake lots of young producer do is to download a lots of audio warez. the problem is that it lead to using preset and lots and not finding the sweet pot. the second problem is that it make your computer slower and sometime money disapear on your bank account.

So the idea is to buy your software. When you buy something you want to get the most of it. There also a lot of free software to use like TAL, voxengo

for good commercial software check FXpansion, U-he, Fabfilter

best 50 free plugins

How to make neurobassline

How to use limiter

Limiter is the most crucial fx of the mastering chain. Your track should be as loud as the next one to be played in mix so you have to push to professional standard. Most of the producer go as far as 6 db of limiting. In my experience the better is 9 db but it’s tricky and need a perfect stem mastering


How to use Harmonic distorsion

How to make phatt snare

i want to share two tips. If you have other one just post a comment


FIRST TIPS : to make metalic snare ala current value. Slice a breakbeat snare or anything just get creative. then apply a reverb of around 100 ms. Your snare is now ringing then apply some distortion to make it phatt .


SECOND TIPS to make phatt snare you can go further then NY Compression.

On the first channel you will work the attack the click of the sound. Choose a good snare not wet. Then apply eq and compression. the idea is to have an attack of the compressor of around 100 ms. The attack will be enhance then the snare will be compressed

On the second channel you will do british NY compression. the idea is to add distortion and squash compression to give phattness to the sound

then balance the level and eq of the both channel


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