Snyde – Resurrection(Bangface 2016)


1. Charcoal Brain – Deepest Hate
2. Delta 9 & Trpped – Join Us
3. Dj Mutante – Lick My Crack(Nukem Remix)
4. Dj Mutante – Alone On The Fucking Moon
5. Plastidekore – Bring That Beat Back
6. Hellseeker & Doctor Terror – Terror Unlimited(Paranoizer Remix)
7. The Speed Freak – Thrillseekers
8. The Speed Freak – Freakiest Plastic(Dj Mutante Remix)
9. Nukem – Judgement Day
10. Paranoizer – Fucking Retarted
11. The Vizitor – In your Fucking Face
12. The Speed Freak – Todesvogel
13. The Dark Sanctuary – Drowning into Sorrow
14. Doctor Terror & Noisekick – Biertje Zuipen
15. TerrorMasta – Die Droge Musik
16. The Dark Sanctuary – At The Gates Of Mephisto
17. Junkie Kut – CloneTownUK
18. Acid Enema – Hymn For The Godless(Hellcreator Remix)
19. From Nowhere – Niewybaczalne Posuni cia
20. DjCyco – The Taste Of Blood
21. Nevermind – Concilium
22. Esc – Scum
23. SpeedFolter – Mankinf on Opiates
24. DjCyco – Ending The Horizon
25. Dissoactive & Frankentek – On The Run
26. The Dark Sanctuary – A Century Of Pain
27. Slax – Melissa
28. Nekrosystem – Cripple Track(C.B.Official Tribute)
29. Egodiscordia – Elephant Dicks Sucker Cunt
30. Dave! – Krampus(RemiX!)
31. iGoA – Zeit Zu Gehen
32. Egodiscordia – Inanimate Greasy Jerk Off Face Rat
33. Autopsy Protocol – Phenomena Speedcore

PsychoticMinds The Mental Case Vol. 2

1)Avenged Sevenfold custom intro
2)Diskirz x Oh Andron!- ID (DUB)
3)Lux x Orbite x Misfit Massacre- Blood Clot
4)Mashok x Graphyt- Destroy
5)12th Hour- Orbital Strike
6)Cruel Reaction- The Prodigal Son (Diskirz Remix)
7)Lux x PsychoticMinds x Soberts- Genesis
8)Ganon x Graphyt- Timeless
9)Soberts- Vacillate (DUB)
10)Digitist x Sudden Death- Tubular
11)Orbite- Face off (DUB)
12)Gogglez- Crocodile
13)Lux- Friction VIP (DUB)
14)Code Pandorum x Orbite- The Fallen (Samplifire Remix)
15)Laxx – Major Malfunction
16)Ecraze x Subtronics- Saw Blade
17)PsychoticMinds x Diskirz- Hail Pizza Satan (DUB)
18)Skism x Trampa- Black Hole (Mastadon VIP) (DUB)
19)Thrashkal- Abyssal (Tazor Remix)
20)PsychoticMinds x Code Pandorum- Eternal Damnation (DUB)
21)Lord Swan3x- ID (DUB)
22)Mashok- Unnaceptable (Evilwave Remix)
23)Code Pandorum- Calvaire
24)T.A.R- Agressor (Mits Remix)
25)Desteez x Styl- Woah La
26)Code Pandorum- Salem
27)Astrex- Rampage
28)Slynger- Hollow
29)Dala- Crusher
30)Destroid- Raise Your Fist (Code Pandorum Remix)
31)Lord Swan3x & Evilwave- ID (DUB)
32)Code Pandorum- I.N.R.I
33)Captain Panic!- Critical Hit (Oh, Andron Remix) (DUB)
34)Astrex x Code Pandorum- Federation
35)Elohim x Xenomorph- Revenge
36)Bundat x Executioner x Ranga- Severity
37)Xenomorph x Skitear- Synopsis
38)Defect x Synoid x Code Pandorum- ID (DUB)
39)Eptic-Gun Finga (Nimda Remix) (DUB)
40)Aimless- Kazoo (DUB)
41)Tengraphs- ID (DUB)
42)Sudden Death- Slogan (Mits Remix) (DUB)
43)Soberts- Rango VIP (DUB)
44)Nimda- Decapitation Machine (DUB)
45)Synoid x Defect x Graphyt- ID (DUB)
46)Orbite- The Hatching
47)Captain Panic!- Scrub

BKZCAST055 – KRYZYS – Froze’n’Bass #2 promomix

Old But Gold Kryzys’s Selecta !
Mixed On Pioneer CDJ’s + Pioneer DJM.

Marfan Syndrome & Visor – Terminal
T-Psy – Persecution
Peter Kurten – Hard Knockz
Dr Mathlovsky – Checkov’s Gun
Mystification – Oath Is Fun (Sinecore Remix)
Air-J & Homeboy – Ologram
Kryzys – Space Invaders
T-Psy & Salem – Industrial
Peter Kurten – UWAD
Air-J, Sinecore & T-Psy – Too Much
Marfan Syndrome – Hidden Mothers
T-Psy – Insanity
Peter Kurten & Air-j – KILL
Peter Kurten & Air-J – KILL (Kryzys Remix)
Peter Kurten – The Sun

Current Value – Running( FUNĎO Bottleg Edit)

How to structure your musical language – don’t get stuck in the loop

Lots of people know how to create a good loop but how to turn it into a track

First it’s important to not spend to much time on a track trying to get it perfect. perfection don’t exist so stop worying about it. go on let’s finish this track and start a nu one.

so you have got a good 4 bars loop : how to turn it into a track

A good tips is to copy and past this 4 bars and make a variation at the end then take your first 4 bar and copy paste end make another variation . and voila you’ve got a 16 bars loops. So the structure is A B A C

you could them take this 16  bar and copy and paste it but change some part. Now you’ve got A B A C A B A D

How to make good variation ? you good change the drum and add a roll, you good change the bass and add a nu sound. or you could put a bit of speech sample

Why it is so important to produce

Produce is hard work so why spend lots of time doing it ?

Producing is important because it opens lots of doors to you. If you dj only you will be a local or bedroom dj. Whereas if you produce you could reach national level parties. You could play your music outside your local parties. You could exchange dub with other producers.

Producing is hard work but it’s also lots of fun. You create your own style, you melt different styles. and the more you do it the more it’s easy

I have collected lots of info about producing so download a demo or two of sequencer and give it a try