Satanicadt 08 Rk9 & Deepa Reptile

1.Ruby My Dear – Spleen [adn171lp]
02.Ruby My Dear – Embruns [adn171lp]
03.Enduser – 7 A.M. Fog [adn150lp]
04.Dr. Bastardo – Dubplate Assault [POFFLTD22]
05.Eustachian – Strongface [D$R 28]
06.Donny – Amputation (Original Version) [KSHEEPV008]
07.I:Gor – Everything Is War [NLG1K002]
08.Bryan Fury – Bow Down Charlie [PANDEMONIUM 002]
09.Dolphin & The Teknoist – Chevvers Gave Us These Crap Dr Who Samples And This Is What We Did [SCUM017]
10.Detest – 2Obscore [BAG06]
11.Hellfish – The Beast Incarnate [PRSPCTXTRM014]
12.Stazma The Junglechrist – Drunken DSP [POFFLTD25]
13.Techdiff – Vat Grown Top Knot [POFFLTD24]
14.Stazma The Junglechrist – Burn Your TV [POFFLTD25]
15.Rotator – Black Flag [POFFLTD20]
16.DJ Skull Vomit – Antigoon (Stazma Illegaly Violent remix) [POFFLTD25]
17.Sa†an – Time To Fight [POFFLTD27]
18.Noizeskill – Violent Orchestra [NLG1KEP006]
19.Sa†an – Pray for Evil [POFFLTD27]
20.Igorrr & Ruby My Dear – Cuisse [adn184ep]
21.Dj Skull Vomit – Bell Tower Massacre [OWR003]
22.Bong-Ra vs. Igorrr ‎– Pallbearer [PRSPCTRVLT04]


RK9 – Welcome to the Freakshow [2C-Broadcast]
RK9 – Yo, I knife [2C-Broadcast]
Deformer – Repossesor [PRSPCT RVLT]
DJ Hidden – The Ressonators [PRSPCT]
Manee Dubs – In The Darkness [2C-Broadcast]
BSA – Savage [PRSPCT]
Sinister Souls – Earth Prime [PRSPCT]
Hallucinator – I am the devil [Yellow Stripe]
Hallucinator – Raise your middle finger [Yellow Stripe]
DJ Hidden – The Raw Universe [PRSPCT]
Dub Elements & Erre – Pop Im (Panacea VIP)[PRSPCT]
The Hard Way – Suck Satan Cock (Panacea VIP) [PRSPCT]
Donny & Dub Elements – The Evil [PRSPCT]
Gameboy Physical Destruction – Planet 93 (Stazma The Junglechrsit Remix) [JARRING EFFECT]
Break ADX – Passing Day Time [2C-Broadcast]
Sei2ure – Informer [PRSPCT XTRM]

HLTD 019 – Terroreast – Soulfall EP

Artist Terror(East)

Label harder louder

format digital

Release date 8th June 2015


A. Black Diamond
B. Inner Beast
C. Soulfall
D. Pain ft. Surrealeast

Twisted’s Darkside Presents Motormouth Podcast 010 – VVS (VIKTOR VAN STROOMF)

Convulzion – Kick Some Ass (NOISJ 42)_
Mindwalker & Synaptic Memories – Scooby-Doo (Dark Descent 67)
Low Entropy – Variant 2 (Viral Conspiracy 123)
Sidephex – Organism 0.030 (DD14066)
Peaky Pounder – Halberstad
Exxinore – Torture (Deng Deng 001)
Ophidian – Qotile (DJ edit) (Meta3 01)
Noizefucker – Multiplier (Viral Conspiracy 122)
Pure – A Ton And A Bridge (Drop Bass 22)
Hellmute – Toxic Murder (Inquisition)
Psycho Chok – Mescaline (DeciKore)
Mindstalker – Psycho Fury (Remaster)(Deng Deng 003)
Zone 33 – Stomper Bots (Mi Ange Mi Demon 6)
La Peste – Jubilation Des Rustiques (Hangers Liquides 5)
Collective Strength – Rope The Pope (Smurf re-master) (Six Sixty Six Limited 4)

HLTD020 – Exodite

Artist Exodite

Label Harder Louder

Format digital

Release date Out Soon

A. Piece By Piece
B. Transmission

Convoi Exceptionnel – Promo Mix 05 – Switch Technique

01. Switch Technique – Restored (UNION)
02. Counterstrike – Crushed (PRSPCT)
03. L33 – Scream – (EATBRAIN)
04. Switch Technique – Climax (UNION)
05. Current Value – Viral (BLACKOUT)
06. Synthakt – Plague (Switch Technique Remix) (BLACK HOE)
07. Igneon System – Extinction (Meander Remix) (HERESY)
08. Counterstrike – Ready For The Pain (PRSPCT)
09. Switch Technique – The Last Judge (UNION)
10. The Outside Agency – Prepare To Die (ONE SEVEN FIVE)
11. Hostage – Sudden Death (THERAPY SESSIONS)
12. Dither & The Outside Agency – Man Made Evil (BROADBAND NOISE)
13. Switch Technique – The Sun (UNION)
14. Deathmachine – Get Down Low (MOTORMOUTH)
15. Fortitude – Purifying Me (TECH CYCLE)
16. Switch Technique – Experience (UNION)
17. Igneon System – Identity Relapse (Switch Technique Remix) (HERESY)
18. Switch Technique – Ghost Assassin (UNION)
19. Dither – Architect (BROADBAND NOISE)
20. Igneon System & Switch Technique – Anger Management (HERESY)

How to perform live Part 1

i’ve had questions about how to perform live.

It’s a tacky question because there is no right or wrong : you must try to find what suit you I don’t want to stress that sheating live set is not a good way to build your name in the scene.

Promoters don’t like sheating because the people do it also so don’t even try

There is 3 way of living – Computer with ableton live or Bitwig – elektron octatrack – other machine most of the time sampler I will start with ableton live. you can dj or rebuild track

It’s often easier to manage the all the time evolving we like with djing. You can’t live with a continuous build by ading tracks like in techno. that why ableton live djing is often seen in our scene

KPHQ 12 Dead by Silence – Burn Hollywood Burn


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