What is darkstep about ?

Lot’s of people have asked me : what is darkstep about ?

I think in fact it’s a pretty good question because most of the people don’t go to club for this kind of fast, dark and noisy music. but darkstep is different… a lot. And with more and more people liking it it could be a good reason to answer this question.

Every people have his/her own personnal reason to love or hate darkstep but i think we share something. So i will try to show you why i love darkstep. Darkstep is not only about having fun at parties even if it’s so much important for a dance music. It also have some deep meanings

A first way to understand this is to discuss with people at darkstep rave and see that they’re the true hardcore scene of dance music. they know artists, they are deeply connected to the music they love. They ‘re not only there for the chicks and pills (even if it’s important also). They know the music and want to dance like maniacs.

So what is darkstep about ?

Darkstep is dark music for dark people.

It’s the sound of a dying world. It’s the fast and schyzophrenic music of a world that have gone mad.

It’s the sound of interconnected people that don’t lead to comunication but to only noise. It’s the music of technological nightmare when science don’t lead to freedom but to corporate and governemental control.

It’s the sound of urban decay through drugs and poverty.

But darkstep is not an nihilistic hopeless music like noise music can be, in fact it’s the opposite. Darkstep turns this experience of dying world into a fun experience. it turns alienation into a something not far from sexual pleasure. The world is going mad let’s have a party. We don’t agree with this world, we just want to party. In this darkstep is higly subversive because trying to escape this mad world is the first step to understand it’s a dead world and that we could change it. This nightmare could be turn into something else

Darkstep is dark music for dark people.




  1. Good 1; I would even extend your point to include other “dark” subgenres of dnb such as neurofunk & techstep: In general the fact that the music evokes such lightless emotions is simultaneously juxtaposed by the enjoyable melodies and great beats etc. Like you said, it’s overall a fun experience. Reminds me of a
    comment I once heard describing blues music:”It’s not supposed to make feel sad, the sadness of the lyrics is countered with the rhythm and energy of the music”

    • yes i see your point. most of dark and sad music are pretty fun experience. but in my opinion darkstep is special. it’s a feeling i only get with extreme metal or really harsh hxc punk.
      this feeling is about catharsis the joy to express your bad and violent passion without the stress of real life. a violent representation is not like being violent in the real life of course.
      but there is a second part wich is particular to darkstep is that is aggro music but in the hedonist context of club. this is why it’s so particular not only catharsis like metal of hxc punk but also the somewhat decadent escapism of this dying dark world. But you can escape to let the world die or you can escape to create something new 🙂

  2. Nice article, especially the part describing the scene, which is also true in many different kinds of underground music.

  3. Darkstep is a music of hope and happiness. It´s about having a good time even if you are having problems, troubles in your life…you people dont get this fucking shit.

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