Bring back the darkside nation

It the beginning there was house music. our house. and after that it evolve into seperate houses. different scenes for different peoples. in fact i haven’t seen the days of house nation but i’ve heard lots of people talk about it. It was a great time when all the different kind of electronic music could be played at the same parties.  It was all about getting creative with body and technologies.

People created a really special place : the club. all about experimenting your mind your body and your soul with all the possibilites of modern night city life. even if the feel of hardcore techno or drum’n’bass are different to trance or house. all this music share this experience of club and free spirit of parties life. this special feeling of euphoria you get and the feeling that your share this joy with lot’s of people at the same time that are really like you and really different

And after that the rave split into different scene and genre. At the beginning i think it was a good thing. Nu possibilites where experimented. The electronic instrument evolve and become less expensive leading lots of people to try to make some music.

Nowadays it seems we hit a wall. Lot’s of producer i’ve talk with and lot’s of party people are bored of such genre limitations. In fact the scene are not so constricted as closed minded people think so. Lot’s of young raver i’ve talked with who love heavy dubstep are now seeking new sound and looking for something stronger leading them to darkstep or hardcore techno. lot’s of corehead now like darkstep or some dubstep.  dnb and hardcore are merging into brokencore. the list goes on…

It’s time to bring back the house nation but with a twist ! time have changed. Electronic dance music have changed ! bringing back the house nation is not like using the flux capacitor to go back in time. it’s more like taking into account the evolution and try to be more open minded like people use to be. This is the time for the darkside nation when all the dark electronic dance music unite to try to bring some forward thinking, creative and twisted new music and parties

That why this blog will now change. Of course it’ll focus on darkstep but it’ll also open to industrial hardcore of all kind (from speedcore to darkcore to doomcore) and heavy dubstep (brostep). there will be also a podcast (with various genre) but i’ll tell your more as soon as i can.


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  1. good luck mate!

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