Octatrack dj set

the octatrack is a hell a of dj box. it’s costy but it’s wicked.i will do i tutorial i soon as i can cause for me skullstep/darkstep/crossbreed is made to be mixed with ableton or octatrack cause most tracks have different rythms and can’t be mixed in tempo but should be mixed in cut like dub wich the uk hardcore rave comes from


OFFKEY podcast 6 Histibe

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OFFKEY PODCAST VOL.6: Histibe Tracklist
01 Pyro & Mundane – Post Physical (Insekto Dub)
02 Proket – Otsek (OffKey Dub)
03 Black Sun Empire – Firing Squad (SKC remix) (BSE Dub)
04 Silent Extent – Falling Down (No Money & BTK Remix) (Dub)
05 E3EAT – Timeslice (Respect)
06 Catacomb – The Zodiac (Misanthrop rmx) (Syndrome Dub)
07 Kantyze – Sentinels (Dub)
08 Cern – Satellites (Phace remix) (Syndrome Dub)
09 Temper D – Minimize This (Temper D Productions Dub)
10 Pylon & Pyro – Auror (Venom Inc)
11 Raiden – Baptism of Fire (OffKey Dub)
12 Histibe – Tears of a machine (Tech-Trance Edit) (Dub)
13 Nic Chagall – What You Need (NC’s In Love With Prog Mix) (Black Hole)
14 Tiesto – Traffic (Nebula)
15 Pyro, Jesta, Techtronix – Cho (Amex & Kaiza rmx) (Dub)
16 Pyro & Amex – Facem (Dub)
17 Histibe – Inside (OffKey Dub)
18 Histibe – Pulsar (OffKey Dub)
19 Dissident – Pleuromeia (Subtle)
20 Trisector – Dreamlike state (Dub)