Aim of the blog

This blog is about the darkside nation.

Originally about darkstep this blog is now about all the dark electronic music. it take account of the change in both hardcore techno scene and darkstep scene in what i have called Brokencore.

This blog is not your typical music blog that focus on spreading tracks and trend setting. in fact you should probably see this blog as you would have seen a real paper fanzine. but nowadays i don’t think making a zine have any sense. Digital blog give you the possibility to put fresh news, link to store, music player. it’s better this way i think.

SBR focus on fresh news and mix. So if you like it, come often cause it updated as soon as news are spread.



  1. Hey I really love your site!! This type of music is, indeed, the best there is. Here in the Netherlands (don’t know where you are located) we have a descent d&b scene. Unfortunately there’s too much liquid happy happy joy joy bullshit around and that’s why I’m happy to see a site like yours!
    Although I would like to add one thing: I do not always agree with the link that’s being made with satanism or horror. It’s true that labels like freak recordings always have a bloody design and a lot of songs have horror samples in them, but it evokes a feeling of hatred that I do not associate with this music. Although many people would say so, for me the philosophy behind metal (rock) music doesn’t have anything to do with a hardcore d&b song. Those guys go to a concert, drink tons of beer and have a sweaty, bloody mosh-pit. They choose to be against society etc. and you can hear it back in their lyrics.
    We (that’s me and my fellow hardcore d&b heads) go to see a dj and take some synthetic drugs or smoke some weed, than just dance all night long without the whole moshing thing (a phenomena that’s sadly becoming standard part of d&b party’s here as well). We feel happy and energetic, that’s how we roll. Not with hate or agression.

    Sorry for the long story, just had to say this. Love your site though, keep it up!

  2. Hey, I like your blog! I have a similar goal with mine that I started recently; I want to help push DJing in the breakcore scene and just provide a good jumping off point for anyone who wants to know more. I also wanted to do a zine but it’s just not something I can do at the moment. Great minds think alike I guess. πŸ˜›

    I like the interviews, keep up the good work!

    • give me your link so we can exchange (if you want !)

      • I went ahead and added you to my links section and I see you’ve done the same. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  3. You re doing a great work man!


  4. Hey never read this page before but wanted to say – almost 2 years of this blog, keep it up! lots of people may get turned off by the darkside after a while but you stay true. Big up!

  5. thanks. this site has made my life so much easier.

  6. yo! thanx for sharing Dirtlab on your blog at radio section! big upz!

  7. This blog is one best out there for darkstep in my opinion. My favorite mixes have been acquired through this site and I have also discovered new artists which I enjoy to the point of obsession. Recently started making some dark dnb under my new project Exfil

  8. I downloaded all the mixes on here, i must say I’ve been missing lots! Lost in Hardstyle before i discovered DarkStep, my conversion started when I first listened to Donny’s “The Forgotten (Current Value Remix)”. That song drove me nuts!

    I searched around and then I found this blog, wow! Am gonna fall in love with this shit! Friday is here already, and I have downloaded the tracks — time to bang against the coffin lol!

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