where does the darkside nation come from

What we call darkside these days comes form darkcore. Darkcore was about hardcore kicks, breakbeat and acid screechy line. I think it’s important to know the past to understand from what we come from. Crossbreed is nothing new

gender gap in darkcore scene


give me some ’96 Techstep

It’s great to now your roots. Darkcore give birth to three genres techstep, breakcore and industrial hardcore

so now it’s time for some good old techstep


The early days of D&B artists: Current Value, Counterstrike and more

The early days of D&B artists Current Value, Counterstrike and more

Some people think that Current Value’s “original” sound is all about face-melting darkstep, or “pots’n’pans”. Actually, his first records happen to be something different. We did a feature about the artists, whose music experienced drastic changes over the years. Today we are covering those who represent heavy dnb. You might discover one of them anew…

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Bring Acidcore back


back in the days people allready melt breakbeat with hardcore kicks. Crossbreed is nothing new and acidcore goes way beyong. So bring back the madness


When the darkside nation begins

the first techstep track is Ed rush – Bludclot Artattack

the first breakcore track is Atari teenage riot – Kids are united

the first darkstep track is Dylan – The Eyes. it begins as overhard techstep

the first neurofunk track. Is ed rush wormhole

the first techno-dnb track is Proket – Locomotive

the first crossbreed track is Dead by Silence – There is no more room in hell

It’s me who make this blog and my nu alias is Brootalz deluxe

Some thought about creative common

I was thinking about selling music. It work you can sell music throught Bandcamp or Belive. You can earn some cash but let’s face it, it not that much. Every musician dream to quit his day job and become a musician full time. how to achieve this goal ?

music is promotional tool to get booking. the real money is here in booking. So I was thinking how to spread music as much as possible

I think creative common is the way to go. you can put music on bandcamp in name of price. You can also put it on jamendo to listen it for free

if you want more info about creative common check this site.


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