Slipknot vs. The Outside Agency & Sei2ure- The Undermind In I

Line 6 POD HDPro: Making Djent & Metal Tones

Metal guitar for producer with midi

The best solution is to buy an axe like a esp ltd 400 or a schecter and sample it. but if you want to use metal guitar in your production on a budget check these solutions

Metal guitar by metaltek

metal guitar soundfont

there is also slayer (use it in random mode with another amp like lepou one left, one right)


Mixing metal guitar

for cool preamp

MonstDeath – Preposterous EP

How to make virtual metal guitar part

you need good samples. there is some i’ve chosen cause there are good

Evolution Dracus for a 8 strings with lots of articulation (palm mute and so on)

Prominy Vmetal is good also

then if you add some tuned Sub you can get phatt heavy grindustrial tones

if you use renoise there is some in my xmas pack


to make good realistic guitar riff you should use palm mute power chord ( I V) with open strings note to have some kind of melody

Sixthclone – Breaknecks v1.0