Review : Of God – Grey March

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i’m gonna review each tracks one by one

Of God – Redemption

this track is some kind of dark atmospherique tune. The atmosphere are really good crafted and put you in a good dark and introspective mood. The sub bass drive the tune quite nicely. That’s for the good point. I don’t like much the snare … it’s too compressed and almost sound like and white noise with no snap. The tune is also a bit too long with not much change.

This tune would make a good opening track for a set. the kind of tune you drop before switching to madness

Of God – Flies

this tune is a stompy roller. The vocal is really cool and drive the tune. The bass is good quite original but probably need more sub. It’s a bit weak. The tune is pretty long like redemption perhaps a bit too long with not enough change. Anyway as it is it could be cool in a mix if you don’t play it too long

Of God- Orbituary

The one is also atmospherique. It’s dark with creepy arp and gliding bassline. it could be quite good to put some diversity in a mix between inyourface kind of tune.

Of God & Dead phantoms – Necro

this tune it’s a deconstructed really violent tune. It’s a really powerfull track with a lot of heaviness and drive. the dark pad give a nice feel really dark and doomy to the tune.

Of God – the Silence between

this is a interlude. It’s pretty well done. it sound a bit like a electronic soundtrack of an horror movie (remind a bit of gore italian movies) .

Of God & Glyphic – Creation

It’s an halfstep stomper. the bass is really aggressive and sound pretty harsh. like a lots of this LP tune this one is perhaps a bit too long and too repetitive. It’s cool but a bit the same all along the track.

Of God & Su3-ject – Genesis

it’s a pretty violent track. Perhaps the best tune of the release for me. The rythm is heavily broken and have a nice feel with the rolling kicks. the tune need perhaps a little bit more bass to give it a little more punch. the lead that comes is not really good. it sound nearly like a trance lead where this kind of tune who need an hardcore screech or anything dirty and industrial

Of God – Grey March

this is weird and a little bit experimental. It sound quite good overall. the rythm sound really industrial and inhuman with it rolling kickdrum. the bass is mostly a reece witch remind a bit of oldschool techstep kind of detuned bass (but the rythm is here totally different)


It’s a pretty good release but the tune are a bit too long and need more change in them. It’s really dark and atmospherique most of the time.