Destroid – Raise your fist ( dead by silence rmx)

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it’s dead by silence the man running this blog

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Vaski – Baddest Vaski – baddest ( dead by silence dubcore rmx)


it’s dead by silence. here is my entry for the vaski remix contest. this is some dubcore. ive tried to make something both dark, dirty and catchy. it’s also loud and proud 🙂


tell me if you like it

T-Pain – Come and get it (Dead by Silence rmx)


it’s dead by silence the owner of this blog. You know i’m all for melting style and bringing hard and nasty stuff to the mass. That’s why i try to melt industrial sound with this remix of t-pain. I personnally really like the result. it’s hard, nasty and dirty. it’s industrial trap.  Hope you do  like too.

Comment here or on soundcloud really welcome

Schizoid – Epitaph ( Dead by Silence rmx)


this is a remix i”ve done of the legendary digital hardcore producer Schizoid. i’ve tried to keep the raw aggression of the original but to add a bit a clean but dirty production crossbreed is known for. It’s quite fast also 220 bpm

Some preview of Lowroller “Collabs and Resurrections”

Necron & Peter Kurten – Plan B

Soon to be released on Abused Recordings
more info soon

Necron & Peter Kurten – Plan B

Some tracks of the forthcoming Union LTD 005

There is not much info avaible for this release. More info as soon as i know. listen to these tracks though really creative and intense stuff here

Micromakine – Eternity

Erre & Hardlogik – Party Non Stop

Erre & Hardlogik – Crack the Party