Octatrack dj set

the octatrack is a hell a of dj box. it’s costy but it’s wicked.i will do i tutorial i soon as i can cause for me skullstep/darkstep/crossbreed is made to be mixed with ableton or octatrack cause most tracks have different rythms and can’t be mixed in tempo but should be mixed in cut like dub wich the uk hardcore rave comes from


Why it is so important to produce

Produce is hard work so why spend lots of time doing it ?

Producing is important because it opens lots of doors to you. If you dj only you will be a local or bedroom dj. Whereas if you produce you could reach national level parties. You could play your music outside your local parties. You could exchange dub with other producers.

Producing is hard work but it’s also lots of fun. You create your own style, you melt different styles. and the more you do it the more it’s easy

I have collected lots of info about producing so download a demo or two of sequencer and give it a try

Denon DJ MCX8000