The evolution of Crossbreed

I talked previously about what at that time i’ve called Brokencore. I named this way the nu sound that was emerging: trying to blur line between industrial hardcore and darkstep. I will now call it Crossbreed because it’s the name people stick. there is no use to stay on a name that nobody is using. in fact it’s not the name it’s the music. let’s call it Crossbreed because everybody use this name

So what’s about crossbreed ?

There is more and more people liking this stuff, more and more producer producing it. i think we now should think where we want to push it. In fact even if we don’t want, i think we have to. why ? because Crossbreed is so harsh for a lot of dnb head it’s not drum’n’bass anymore. Darkstep allready had a special place in the drum’n’bass scene being mostly played into hard parties and not your regular jumpup/electrostep that is the mainstream dnb sound. I don’t say to diss this jump up sound it’s just not what i do like. each to his one…

This lead to me to this : Crossbreed need a dedicated scene. We need to build a nu scene around this sound, keeping it fresh and full of creativity. We should try to push parties with mostly or only darkstep/crossbreed/hardcore line up (perhaps it’s not possible everywhere dunno). We should spread the knowledge about this sound.

One point that we should take account also is to try to take better of each sound crossbreed is made of.

One thing that i really like with  industrial Hardcore is that it fill the whole spectrum of bpm from 120 bpm doomcore to 240 bpm. speedcore. it’s definetely something  we should try to push. I feel it can make parties even more interesting. there is allready some 160 bpm like Igneon System – Fuck God.

The very harsh dubstep sound of Balkansky, Loop Stepwalker, Niveau Zéro or Brainpain could also fit into this low bpm harsh industrial dark as fuck music. it would be cool if we see more 140/160 bpm track in this range to crossbreedize warmup.

On the other hand well produced hard 220 bpm stuff would be nice so we can end the party to full blasting stuff. (this way we could mix crossbreed stuff with UK hardcore stuff that share a same spirit). T

he problem of different bpm is that the first who do it are a bit alone and we need lot’s of tunes in the same bpm so djs can make set with them

One thing i think we should keep is the rythmic creativity of darkstep. Darkstep always had experimental tune with really complex rythm. I hope the crossbreed stuff could mix with this and not means bringing back only  to 2 step (with hardcore kickdrum). Complex rythm is so nice and if mixed well could blast the dancefloor.

I hope also we see more live set. nowadays with ableton live or elektron octatrack we can bring full audio quality live pa. This mean we can have far better sounding live pa than in the past. hope we see more of this kind of act as it brings a lots more creativity to the dancefloor. I’m not dissing dj set.  Live pa is just another level of control on the sound be in it the composition, in the way the bpm evolve and so on… Hope we see more of these

My last point also could be to stress the spirit of crossbreed. What’s crossbreeding about ?

Is it about putting breakbeat into hardcore drum pattern ? no way it’s not ground breaking Producer or Hellfish does it like years ago. So what really define crossbreed and what make it work on the floor ?

It’s the openmindness of it and the way it bring a nu way to crossfertilize both hardcore and darkstep. This is this spirit of creativity we should keep. if you take Lowroller, Dj Hidden and Switch Technique each of them produce crossbreed but they don’t produce stuff that sound the same. In fact this is why crossbreed is great.

It’s not a formula : just a blank canvas of angry loud harsh dark dance music. and we should try to keep it that way. So let’s hybridize more and more with every thing from rythmic noise, dark ambiant, frenchcore, uk hardcore, dark brostep, death metal and so on…  the sky is the limit

Just remind it’s just my point of view not the final God word of wisdom but it’s there so we discuss were we (the producer/dj/party people) want the crossbreed goes


Tell me what you think of this in the comment or on the facebook fanpage.

If you want you can share you track on the group i’ve created Crossbreed group on soundcloud



  1. It’s safe to say that this Crossbreed stuff started getting me into Hardcore (from dnb) in the first place. Although it was a Bangface Weekender that hit the last nail in the coffin 😉

    I think the bottom line is, fuck labels, make whatever music you feel like.

  2. > to Jan de bouvrie/hkviolence (don(t think you are in anyway related to the real hkviolence label …) and all your other login

    can you please stop trolling my blog !!! i spend times to give people news ans stuff not to for being insulted by you…. if this blog doesn’t suit your subcultural purity make your own and STFU 🙂
    the point is not to dismiss hard working producer that bring something nu and worthwhile to the table
    Anyway i’ve let you troll way to much in the past so don’t try to post more on this blog…. your stupid bullshit about my nationality will not even be discussed….

  3. I really like the name Core n Bass, which seems to have been forgotten in favour of Crossbreed which isn’t really descriptive enough to be a genre name imo unless you combine it with the word Hardcore. I’ve heard the word Drumcore used too which is good enough.

  4. I’m slowly learning to accept the way the hard DnB scene has evolved, now that I see Dylan has resurfaced along with some new talent like Smyla and Hostage. It seems every tune I actually enjoy though has some variation of the amen break or is very militant like pre-hardcore Panacea. There’s just something about those hardcore beats that make the music seem a little monotonous in a way. Oh well, I’m sure there’s only a few more years ’till it changes again. Maybe I’ll have better luck then.

    I still miss the good old days though, from 2006-2009. Dylan, Mumblz, Donny, Counterstrike, Old SPL, Tech Itch…So many tunes capable of making you go absolutely mental. Really sucks when you’re scrolling through new sets and those names stand out in the tracklist, only to find out it’s an oldskool mix.

  5. everyone uses the name ‘crossbreed’, because that’s the name given by the creators – the outside agency.. cool article though

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