BBN002 Dither

Artist Dither

Format: 12″ + Digital

Release Date: 07-09-2015

Dither – Flawless

Dither – HFO (Limit Cycle Remix)
Dither – Alien Resistance (Sei2ure Remix)
Dither – Man Made Evil (Ft. The Outside Agency)
Dither – The Ancient One (Bandcamp only Bonus)

GENOSHA021 The Outside Agency – Goes Noord vs The Rest of the World III

Artist The outside agency

Label Genosha

Format 12″

Release date Not out yet 2013

A1. The Outside Agency & Fracture 4 – Manhunt 0
A2. The Outside Agency & Broken Rules – World Breaker
B1. The Outside Agency & Dep Affect – Mathematics
B2. The Outside Agency & Sei2ure – Trouble


Interview with The Outside Agency for Masters of Hardcore

The Outside Agency (DJ Hidden & Eye-D) – Exclusive interview for HARDER & LOUDER

Good morning, hardcore crowd! Here’s the exclusive interview for Harder & Louder with The Outside Agency taken at their gig in Moscow. “The disputed kings of industrial” talked about girls, cars, cash and, of course, some popular music.

Eye-D & DJ Hidden


I: Since the Crossbreed genre is developing today can you tell us some names of interesting Crossbreed producers you like except Genosha 175 artists.

Noel: Definitely a good question!

Frank: We really like Deathmachine, who actually is on Genosha 175, we also like Switch Technique, but he is also signed to Genosha 175. Some of new Counterstrike is nice, some new stuff from the DJ Producer is nice, some of the Lowroller stuff is nice, the one Crossbreed track that Angerfist did was really nice, we really liked that one.

SICK016 DJ Hidden / The Outside Agency – Einstein / Tesla

Artist Dj Hidden, The Outside Agency

Label Future Sickness

Format 12″ & Digital

Release date Out Now


Dj Hidden – Einstein

The Outside Agency – Tesla


YSR006 Counterstrike & Cooh / Mathizm & Memtrix – Crowd Surfer – The Outside Agency Remix / Cardiak Arrest

Artist Counterstrike, Cooh, Mathizm, Memtrix, The outside agency,

Label Yellow Stripe

Format 12″ & Digital

Release date Out Now


Counterstrike & Cooh – Crowd Surfer (The Outside Agency rmx)

Mathizm & Memtrix – Cardiak Arrest


The Outside Agency @ Intersection

These are the first 54 minutes of the two-hour set we played at the first edition of Intersection.
We exclusively played requests from the audience that night. These were sent to us before the show.
Recorded January 26th, 2013 at Intersection at Baroeg, Rotterdam.
All footage by our bros Noury and Wander.
The original material was 4:3 / 640×480 so it’s been heavily filterized and filterated.
There is no other video beyond this material.
Please direct any and all complaints to our management.