FOOTWORXX – The Underground Festival mix contest


This is your chance to play on our Footworxx – The Underground Festival | 5th november 2016

1) Upload your mix of max 20 minutes, all harder / underground styles are welcome.

2) Send us the link of your mix incl. the tracklist to before september 15th.

We will select 2 winners that will be announced the first week of october.


Forbidden Society – Order remix contest

It’s a nice chance for you so jump on it! Don’t want be that selfish guy and “just keep to my own s..t” 🙂

Prize: The winner will be included in the forthcoming FSRECS OVERKILL digital compilation alongside such artists as I:Gor, Sinister Souls, Computerartist, Ca2K, The Clamps, Hallucinator, C-Netik, Fragz and many more. He/she will also receive a signed full FSRECS009 release.

Rules: Open worldwide with no age / area restrictions. Deadline: 15th April, 2013. Winners will be announced by the end of April, 2013. WE ARE LOOKING FOR DRUM AND BASS REMIXES, that fit the concept of FSRECS. Therefore no non-dnb, not even liquid dnb will be accepted. The same goes for any hardcore stuff. We want hard drum’n’bass. Entrants assign away and transfer any and all rights in the remixes to FSRECS. You may not sell your submission, nor may you post it on another website. You can submit a max of 3 remixes.




This is Hardcore – The Remixes

This Is Hardcore Remix contest


Today we have big news. All tracks of the original This is Hardcore album will be made available for you to remix. We will hand over kickdrums and other samples. This is the first time ever that so many professional hardcore artists are making their files public for anyone to remix.

You have six weeks to make an awesome remix. We will select the best remixes and release them on the official TiH Remix Album. The winning tracks will also be released on Traxtorm or Neophyte Records.

We invite everyone who produces hard electronic music to participate. It doesn’t matter whether you are a signed or unsigned artist. Everybody is free to show us his or her talent. Together we will work on new music, this is what it’s all about.

What kind of track should it be? Just make sure you can say to yourself: This is Hardcore! Be original, be creative and push the boundaries! Pick a track and remix the hell out of it.

How to participate:
1. Email your name and artist name to
2. We will send you the full sample pack containing samples from all the tracks featured. on the original TiH album.
3. Make an awesome remix.
4. Send your remix to before the 23th of January.

The best remixes will be released on the This is Hardcore Remix Album. The tracks will also be released on special remix EP’s on Traxtorm and Neophyte


Algoreythm Remix Contest

The remix pack can be got from this Facebook app page after you ‘Like’ Xenomorph Recordings. No Facebook? click here. Completed remixes should be sent to

Deadline 20th December 2012

End of the World Evil Beats Rec Remix Contest

it’s time for Evil Beats Recs to make a new remix contest !!! So, this time it’s not one track that I propose you to have fun with, but three… Three tracks of mine that I released on EB Recs ages ago. No rules, just make the best remixes you can… You can even blend tracks together to get a duomix or even, why not for the most inspired of us, a triomix…

So my colleagues and me are gonna choose four tracks; the best remix of each track, and the best duomix/triomix to be released on Evil Beats Recs… So boys & girls , you have one month, we need those remixes before the end of the world !!! LMAO

Please send me the remixes via as PRIVATE only to pk666, and please don’t share/distribute/upload it before the deadline, you can upload a 1 minute preview if you want, nothing more. Thanks for understanding.

Tracks are: The Power (EBDIGI002), Mr Death (EBDIGI007) & UWAD (EBDIGI011)

Here are the links to the remix packs

File 1:
File Name: uwad.rar
File Size: 12.9 MB
Download Link:

File 2:
File Name: the power.rar
File Size: 8.7 MB
Download Link:
File 3:
File Name: mr death.rar
File Size: 31.3 MB
Download Link:


Remix contest for Niveau Zero – First

Remix contest for Niveau Zero's "First".

Time to show us what you are made off: grab your samplers, synths and other instruments, as Ad Noiseam and Fixt invite you to remix the anthemic “First” track, taken from this artist’s “In_Sect” album (adn129).

Niveau Zero’s currently putting the finishing touches to “Jasmine”, his second album which will be released on October 22nd, and it’s time for everybody out there to revisit one of his best known track so far. In the vein of our old “1/3” Enduser remix contest, Fixt and Ad Noiseam are providing you with stems, and you have till September 16th to come up with your best remix.

Read Here for prizes and conditions