[IWR_XBRD002] Kernel Audio – Animalluminati EP

[WARD015] Deadsound – Sick Fuck/Break Him

MentalNote Votu HARDCORE: A Drum and Bass story

The kids call it Darkstep…..
1)Get up by Dom and Roland
2)Iron sky by Katharsys
3)The punch by Forbidden society
4)Draw blood by Zombie cats
5)Death and destruction by Freqax
6)Psychosis by Machine code/Counterstrike
7)Fathom by Audio
8)Red by Decoder/Substance
9)A.D.T.N.C. by Calyx and TeeBee
10)The muthafucking uhh by Evol intent
11)Evah Green by Dj Hidden
12)Self destruct by Forbidden society
13)Stop them by Current value
14)Don’t be plain by Zombie cats
15)Clusterfuck by Noisia/Hybrid/Mefjus
16)Bypass by State of mind
17)Morphus by Space Journey
18)Alchemist by Cause 4 concern
19)Rust by Cooh
20)Horns up by Sinister souls/Cooh
21)Z-Word by Counterstrike (Panacea VIP)
22)Must eat by Zombie cats/Mefjus
23)Fake by Prolix/Current Value
24)Grid Based by Dj Hidden
25)Innerworld by Katharsys
26)Jet bike by Current value
27)Hideous by BSE/Noisia (Viper X RMX)
28)Motherfucker by Gein (BrainPain RMX)
29)Drop start by Freqax
30)Orcrux by Cooh/WPL/Corrupted Minds
31)Shakedown by Counterstrike
32)Grit by Audio/Meth
33)The evil by Donny/Dub elements
34)Frenzy by Mob tactics
35)Food chain by Audio
36)Peepshow by Cause 4 concern (Audio RMX)
37)Slave to life by Dylan/Bkey (Limewax VIP)
38)Dead man walking by Freqax/Sinister souls
39)Beholder by Eye-D/Dj Hidden
40)All is lost by BSE feat. Thomas Oliver and Youngstar

ROBX- New Begining EP

EriS – Alcoholic Therapy

[BATAU079] C-DEVASTATOR – Worthy Of My Talent

[WARD014 ] Shatterling – Quick Switch EP