Make a darkside community ?

would you be interested in a forum ?

It could be a place to share knowledge, music and have a chat but i will do it only if enough people are interested. So if you are interested make a comment please




happy xmas dear satanical darksteper

The futur of the Darkside nation



i want to give a chance to the next breed of the darkside nation. I’ll post in the next fews days some tutorial about production. There is a common mistake that you can’t have a good mixdown without some expansive gear. it’s wrong. the people and the ears that use the gear is a lot more important. With common plugin you can achieve professional mixdown. it won’t have the magic of good hardware gear but it will do the jobs. Then you can do your music without waiting to win the lotery


then if you are proud of your music then send me a mail. if it’s good i will post it and it’s free

XMAS gift



i’ll have a special gift to all my darksider renoiser. It will be a pack of renoise instrument with some breakbeat and stuff.
Hope you will enjoy and find something for you even if you don”t use renoise



Add your gigs to the calendar



we now have a calendar for you to tease your parties. I will moderate so that only darkside nation parties are in the calendar


some news about the future



i havn’t post a lot theses days. had a lot of stuff to do

i will start soon a nu blog called Riot Bass and will tell more when i can

Satanical Bots Mixtape


the blog Satanical Bots RItual is organizing a contest
…::: RULES :::…
You have till the 3 september 2015 to send a track
you must use 4 breakbeat be it a sliced version from this pack…
you must use sonatina to bring some orchestral part into your track download link
Every genre allowed but stay hard and/or dark

Send track to my mail deadbysilence@ NO SPAM

…::: PRIZE :::…
the 4 better track will be released by my blog on kakophreniq

And if the level of submission is high enough this will be sold on beatport/juno/bandcamp