SSTDMP3017 – Lytton – Last Wave EP

Artist Lytton

Label Sustained MP3

Format digital

Release date Out Now

It is available right now on Bandcamp. The release on other good digi-stores is next Monday but if you’d like it now then it’s here for the taking. Industrial/Core’n’bass layers with a hint of Breakcore on the label that has bought the scene some of THE biggest tunes over the last few years.


Jakub23 – The Not So Miserable Sodcast #3

Mr 23 has thrown down an almighty mega mix for the NSMSC#3. If you know about us, you know about Jakub. He has been on our roster since the beginning. This is not just a mix, but a showcase of influences and an insight into what is going on in-between his non-existent ear lobes. Expect lots of music that would make your mum roll her eyes, from a man that will make her eyes roll to the back of her head. Fucking raw.

Dirty Money – Intro/Dirty Money.
Shipwreck AD – squall.
Guns Up – Foolin Who?
At the drive in – Mannequin republic.
Get fucking dead – Sucks to be you.
Carry On – Off my chest.
Cold world – Ice Grills
Cruel Hand – begin descension
Down to nothing – Down on yoU
Final Fight – Rage
Verse – Hard to breathe
Dead Kennedys – Holiday in cambodia
Rumour Mill – Despiser
Have Heart – Machinist.
Sinking Ships – Furthest place from here
Kids like us – you know your life sucks
Old Man Gloom – Jaws of the lion
The First Step – Something inside
Tiger Army –
Verse – Rebuild
AFI – Third Season
Terror – Push it away
Black Flag – Rise Above
Get the most – think it through
Minor threat – seeing red
Oathbreaker – Mirrors
Oi Polloi – Nazi Scum
Swamp Thing –
The bonus army – die alone
The Mongoloids – Time Trials


Malicious – Indulge me
Jakub23 – Froggy
Jakub23 – MR Cool
Jekyll – blabbermouth
Jakub23 – Encarta
Limewax – Cat and the hat
Raiden & Current value – RM Bleeps
Kurrupt – Poor souls (Malicious remix)
Jakub23 & Macheeen Boi – Progressive sustained violence
Jakub23 – ON
Jakub23 & Nagato – Butthash
Jakub23 – P2PBM
Jakub23 – Fisting Django
Jakub23 – Nova Prospekt
Jakub23 & Dither – Kiss your mother hug your dog

DOWNLOAD (right click and “save as” or similar)

Micromakine – The Not So Miserable Sodcast #1

After 4 years of Sustained output we pathetically churned out only 5 “miserable sodcasts”. We figured, why not up our game and get the extended Sustained family in on the action. More core, bass and talent, less inspired verbal diarrhoea from you know who. You could call it the “not so miserable sodcast”. So we will.

Kicking off the proceedings is Micromakine. When we released his debut “Psycho EP” he was certainly one to watch, now however it is hard not to notice this guy plastered across a multitude of respected roster’s. In the last year he has had releases this Nekrolog1k, Union, Lost Frequency, Future Sickness, Ex Machina, and Darkbox. Busy busy busy. He has taken time out to thrown down this brutal mix of everything we know you love.

Stick this in you pipe and smoke it, then wait for the next instalment.


1. Linkin Park – Session
2. Micromakine – The Industrialyzer (Metafiziq Rec.)
3. Micromakine – Sweat & Tear (Union Rec.)
4. Erre & Hardlogik – Party No Stop (Union Rec.)
5. Micromakine, Triamer Vs Nagato – Oxygen (Union Rec.)
6. Micromakine – Trougth (Culture Assault)
7. Micromakine – Take Me Away (Culture Assault)
8. Erre & Hardlogik – Crack the Party (Union Rec.)
9. Throttler – Wipeout (Sustained Rec.)
10. Micromakine – Eternity (Union Rec.)
11. The Outside Agency – Primitive (Sustained)
12. Micromakine & Brainpain – Seeds of Destruction (Panzer Incus Rec.)
13. Brainpain – Corestep (Micromakine Rmx) (Section 8 Rec.)
14. Khaoz Engine – God aint Here (Sustained Rec.)
15. Micromakine – Drumcode (Metafiziq Rec.)


The Teknoist, MacheeeN Boi, Scheme Boy + Algorithmic – The Miserable Sodcast Seance (Talking to the Dead)

“Greetings to the Sustained Massive

Here is the latest sodcast we recorded in February 2012. It features mixes and inane shit talk from Miike Teknoist, MacheeeN Boi, Scheme Boy and Algorithmic. It is very rough round the edges and has taken a while for me to finally put it online because we had some mic issues, a couple of bits needed rerecording, and listening our voices over and over sent me slightly insane… and not in a good way.

We think a ‘podcast’ is different from a ‘mix’, so when we do a ‘sodcast’, we have a laugh with it, do it like a radio show and have a bit of banter. Please be aware, this is the mega censored tame version. Most of the ‘chit chat’ was a lot closer to numerous bones. We joke about everything and anything. The only thing we take seriously is music. Do not be offended. If anyone is offended by any of the content, kindly go fuck your self, you are wasting our planet’s oxygen, please remove your self to reduce further waste. To everyone else, we love you and hope that you enjoy this. I nearly didn’t release this as I over think things, so I hope you get it. Now you have read the disclaimer you can
download it (right click and ‘save link as’ or similar, if you have any issues with it downloading).

Remeber, to enter the contest to win the retarted pentaram in Miike’s blood and some records, post your pictures to the Sustained Facebook page.

After listening to it, here are some pictures which may help put the ‘events’ of the sodcast into perspective.

Peace the fuck out. x”

SSTDCD001 – The Big Fuck Off Knives CD

Artist Various Artists

Label Sustained

Format Digital & Cd

Release date not out yet


The Teknoist – The Beast

Brainpain – Uberbrain Ubernightmare

Effect- Thermogram

Throttler -Wipeout

The Teknoist & Macheen boi – Scarecrow

Khaoz Engine – God Ain’t here

Lytton – Contrary to authority

Jakub 23 – Shook

Lytton – Get fucked up

Jakub 23 – Wee Dun

Sadistic – Once again It’s on

CD and digital compilation due for release shortly.

Mastering by The Speed Freak @ Indie Masters.

Artwork by Narcoleptiq. CD will feature very special concept artwork.

SSTDMP3 015 – Micromakine – The Psycho EP

Label Sustained rec

Artist Micromakine

Release date 06 feb 2012

Format digital


Micromakine – Meet the Psycho

Micromakine -Voice of Void

Scamp – Shadow Assassin ( Micromakine rmx)

SSTD005 – The Outside Agency–Primitive / DJ Hidden–Scintillate. OUT NOW

Both tunes have been getting serious rotation from the biggest names in hardcore and dark DnB. You can now buy these tracks on 10” vinyl or digital download.

Artwork by Shaun Gillon.

This release is now available in any self respecting record shop including The Hardstore, Ad Noiseam, Toolbox, DSWAT, Triple Vision (from 11 April) Black Market Records, Redeye, Eastern Block and many many more. To buy it direct from us, cheaper than anywhere else, got to or email

This release is available digitally from Ad Noiseam, ithink, Juno, Beatport, and Chemical Download.

Also, you maybe interested in our latest digital release ‘The Vivisection LP’……ivisection-lp/

The Vivisection LP is available from the above download stores.

As with all releases on Sustained Records 10% of the profit goes to environmental causes. Buy tracks, support the artists, make a pitiful donation to environmental causes.

Peace out

Jon Boi