Sinister Souls – Make Some Noise EP

PRSPCT EP 009 Sinister Souls – Dead Eyes EP

Artist Sinister Souls


Format digital & 12″

Release date 11Th December

1. Dead Eyes – Sinister Souls
2. Snare Factory – Sinister Souls
3. Dracula – Sinister Souls & C-Netik
4. To The Bone – Sinister Souls

Mindocracy Recordings – World Powers United 2 :Destroyers of Worlds LP:

Artist various artist

Label Mindocracy

Format digital & CD

Release date august soon

it will be a 24 tracks 2x CD

PRSPCT 025 – Fragz

Artist Fragz, Sinister Souls


Format 12″ & Digi

Release date Out Now

UNION009 Sinister Souls – Black Book / Into Our Claws

Artist Sinister Souls

Label Union

Format 12″ & Digital

Release date Not out yet 2013

Black Book
Into Our Claws


[Le Grand Méchant Beat PODCAST 003] SuperMinimix by Sinister Souls

For this 3rd Le Grand Méchant Beat aka The Big Bad Beats podcast, the dutch duo Sinister Souls delivers a SuperMinimix full of energy and fat basses. The two explorers of the dark side of the drum and bass and dubstep gives you a foretaste of their 6th of April  performance at Glazart.

You can also read this interview they gave us.



Interview : Sinister Souls for Big Bad Beats 8

For this second interview befor our 8th edition of our Le Grand Méchant Beat aka The Big Bad Beats party the 6th of April Glazart, the crazy dutch duo Sinister Souls gives to the  Party Uniq  crew their most dark schemes. They also made a SuperMinimix for our 3rd Big Bad Beats Podcast you can listen to HERE. (Lisez la traduction française ICI)

Hey, so you’re the two insane guys behind Sinister Souls. Can you introduce yourselves to the French audience? When did it all start with electronic music for you? How? What are your influences?

Bonjour ravers français!

We’re Adriaan de Koning and Fred Huurdeman a.k.a. Sinister Souls.

We were into rock and metal first and because of acts like The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers we slowly got dragged into electronic music. After that it was hardcore, breakcore and drum ‘n bass which got our attention. Producers like Concord Dawn and Technical Itch made us fall in love with drum ‘n bass. And we are not insane, our mothers had us tested…