Phatten breakbeat

how to create a kick with a synth

A/B Mastering

Mastering is the most crucial part of the sound enginering. It’s hard and tricky. So to help you not gettting lost a common technique is A/B mastering. It mean you compare both the mastered and unmastered version but also your mastered part with a tune you know for it good mastering. I use outside agency and current value – they’re human. So just buy a 320 mp3 and compare to your mix

How to use Slapback Delay

TIPS this technique could be use on bass in electronic music. But you got to keep your sub mono so keep it on a separate channel

How to begin producing

Producing is a crucial part to have booking. If you only dj you will not have booking outside of your town

so how to begin producing ?

First you need a sequencer. You better avoid all this audio engine bullshit. that is just wrong if you search the web

So the good sequencer for you is just about your workflow. so take time to try some and make your choice

For electronic music i think the better is ableton, reason,renoise, fl studio

you need also a good soundcard to have good output, realtime audio. Any 100 euros soundcard should do the trick

you need also a good monitor. Try some but for me good for yamaha or adam if you can

You need also a headphone. I like shure and audio technica but test some and see what you like

You need also a good lots of time cause it’s time consuming and hard work

but the feeling when you have made a crazy tunage is like nothing else.


The futur of the Darkside nation



i want to give a chance to the next breed of the darkside nation. I’ll post in the next fews days some tutorial about production. There is a common mistake that you can’t have a good mixdown without some expansive gear. it’s wrong. the people and the ears that use the gear is a lot more important. With common plugin you can achieve professional mixdown. it won’t have the magic of good hardware gear but it will do the jobs. Then you can do your music without waiting to win the lotery


then if you are proud of your music then send me a mail. if it’s good i will post it and it’s free

using equalizer