Fanu’s Short Studio Masterclass – Part 1

“electronic music is about abusing things”


PEACE OFF LTD 23 – REPEATER – Ultraviolet

Title : Ultraviolet
Ref. : POFF LTD 23
Format : 12″

A Ultraviolet
AA Dyslexic Funky Droid

Preview here :

OFFKEY podcast 6 Histibe

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OFFKEY PODCAST VOL.6: Histibe Tracklist
01 Pyro & Mundane – Post Physical (Insekto Dub)
02 Proket – Otsek (OffKey Dub)
03 Black Sun Empire – Firing Squad (SKC remix) (BSE Dub)
04 Silent Extent – Falling Down (No Money & BTK Remix) (Dub)
05 E3EAT – Timeslice (Respect)
06 Catacomb – The Zodiac (Misanthrop rmx) (Syndrome Dub)
07 Kantyze – Sentinels (Dub)
08 Cern – Satellites (Phace remix) (Syndrome Dub)
09 Temper D – Minimize This (Temper D Productions Dub)
10 Pylon & Pyro – Auror (Venom Inc)
11 Raiden – Baptism of Fire (OffKey Dub)
12 Histibe – Tears of a machine (Tech-Trance Edit) (Dub)
13 Nic Chagall – What You Need (NC’s In Love With Prog Mix) (Black Hole)
14 Tiesto – Traffic (Nebula)
15 Pyro, Jesta, Techtronix – Cho (Amex & Kaiza rmx) (Dub)
16 Pyro & Amex – Facem (Dub)
17 Histibe – Inside (OffKey Dub)
18 Histibe – Pulsar (OffKey Dub)
19 Dissident – Pleuromeia (Subtle)
20 Trisector – Dreamlike state (Dub)

B SOUL- Atrocity mix

tracklist :

1)B Soul – Piece of Art
2)Zardonic & Brainpain – Fucking Up The Program
3)Mystification – Oath is Fun
4)Raiden – Sputnik
5)B Soul – Markus(Dextems rmx)
6)Raiden & Current Value – Scrapyard
7)Xpander – Heavy Gear
8)B Soul & Dextems – Harder!Louder!
9)Counterstike & Silentkiller – Purify
10)Dextems – Hate
11)Hallucinator – Headbanger
12)The Strangers – Zodiac
13)Cooh – Black Monday
14)Donny – Symptomless Coma(CV rmx)
15)Limewax – One of them(CV rmx)
16)Current Value – Fearmachines(Demo duomix)
17)Evol Intent – Middle of the Night


B Soul myspace

JAY MAYHEM & PETER KURTEN at the 20th Dour Music Festival

0. Jay Mayhem’s Freestyle Showcase
******   EDIT   ******
1. KC – Angel Of Destruction (Counterstrike Arena Remix) [Human Imprint]
2. The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (Sobfocus Remix) [XL]
3. Jay Mayhem – Birth Of An Antichrist Intro [not to be released]
4. Peter Kurten – Mr Death [Evil Beats]
5. Peter Kurten – Vengeance [forthcoming – to be announced]
6. Slayer – Reign In Blood (PK Schranz Bootleg) [not to be released]
7. Peter Kurten – The Sun [forthcoming Independenza]
8. Aphrodite – Style From The Darkside ’99 [V2]
9. The Outside Agency – Reality Collapse [forthcoming Independenza]
10.Peter Kurten – Prod 041 (172bpm mix) [not to be released]
11.Jerry Goldmsmith – Ave Satani (PK Schranz Bootleg] [not to be released]
12.Antichristus – The Butched [Independenza]
13.Antichristus – The Paradise Of Pain [forthcoming Independenza]
14.Antichristus – God of Desolation [forthcoming Independenza]
15.Deadkat & Kantyze – Fundation (Peter Kurten Remix) [forthcoming Evil Beats]
16.The Dying Punks – Love Your Robots [Subsistenz]
17.The Outside Agency – Hell’s Bassment [forthcoming Independenza]
18.Dj Hidden – Sandwaves [Flatline]
19.Do Or Die – Loving Memories (Project:Mayhem Remix) [forthcoming Independenza]
20.Hellfish – U Dont Quit [Born Ultraviolent]
21.Offspring – Pretty Fly (Zardonic Remix) [not to be released]
******   EDIT   ******
22.I Am – Independenza
23.Antichristus – The Son Of The Devil [forthcoming Independenza]
24.Switch Technique – Inner Order (Antichristus Rmx) [Zardonic]
******   EDIT   ******


WSR 007 Implant – The Addict ep! Out Now!

Implant’s ‘The Addict’ ep. Four tune’s of serious deep technoid influenced dnb.
Implant who has released on Temper D, Nightmare Recs, Mindtech Recs, Black Hoe, is definitely one of the more important names to watch in 2009 for Techno DnB.
Expect Implants WSR Debut ‘The Addict’ to be packed with diversity and color, the perfect Technoid DnB e.p.
Get Hooked on ‘The Addict’! Out First on and
you can get to the release, and clips @
or here…otalResults=100

Thank You!
And please…. Enjoy the Music!
Support the Scene, Always Purchase the Music you Love!
Peace and Easy.

Note on breakcore

wtf breakcore ? where does it come from ?  very interesting documentary