Good’ol Gem of the Darkside nation 5 Dubcore

As you have probably realize i’ve been sick and don’t had much time to take care of the blog. But i’m back stronger then ever ! 🙂

I want to dedicate this post to a not well known part of the darkside nation. The dubstep scene seems obviously to be part of bass music but i’m seeing more and more producers that want to make it darker and harder. Obviously for me it could be part of our scene. The dark part of dubstep goes well with crossbreed, hard drum’n’bass (darkstep and techno-dnb) and industrial hardcore.

This is the point i want to show with this post.As dubstep is a pretty nu genre most of the time in this post will not be that old but good music is good music is good music.  And i hope i could give you some ideas for promoting event, making mix and stuff. Just food for thought you know 🙂

The Outside Agency – Wait your Turn

Label Killing Sheep KSHEEPV011

Release year 2010

You know i’m a true fan of killing sheep from previously posted article. This is the shizzit. Totally forward thinking. hope more tune of this kind appears so we can make mix that melt dubstep and reallly really hard stuff. this do is hard stuff. for real. this is the real deal. No mistake. killer label. killer artists.

Broken Note – Zound

Label Boka BOKA032

Release year 2010

Broken Note – War in the Making

Label Ruff RUFF 08

Release year 2008

Broken note paved the way for really industrial dubstep. This guy is a genius. he could make hard drum’n’bass, breakcore or dubcore and brings always something new. Just listen to this shit and bang your head. bang your head. BANG ! BANG ! BANG


Sinister Souls – In the Filth


Release year 2012

For me they are the most ground breaking stuff in this dubcore thing right now. There production are tight as fuck and really hard industrial bassline, pounding drums. This stuff is soo good. And it brings something really good to the scene i think.

Even the master of the darkside nation are bringing some dubcore tune these days so watch out for something big !!!

Current Value – Burn In

Label the Sect TSM002

Release year 2013

The wooble is something else. No one ever something that wicked. It’s the current value sound design wizardry. The production is tight as hell as always with CV. This could make some serious damage on the dancefloor. Love this tune so much. Hope more tune of this kind appears.

DJ Hidden – Drastic

Label Hidden Tracks HIDTR002

Release year 2011

Like wait your turn it’s more some kind of experimental shit but that will work well on the dancefloor. This tune change all the time. it’s so well executed. the mixdown is so good. the sound design is perfect. When you hear a tune like that you know why DJ hidden is one the king of the industrial rave scene.


Suicide Silence –  Bludgeoned to Death (Mantis Deathstep Remix)


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