Selling your own music

Tired of never get paid by the label or distributors ?

there is a solution ! create your own business shop to sell your music

the cheaper way

the premium way with and shopify


fanu on motivation

fanu bandcamp

The futur of the Darkside nation



i want to give a chance to the next breed of the darkside nation. I’ll post in the next fews days some tutorial about production. There is a common mistake that you can’t have a good mixdown without some expansive gear. it’s wrong. the people and the ears that use the gear is a lot more important. With common plugin you can achieve professional mixdown. it won’t have the magic of good hardware gear but it will do the jobs. Then you can do your music without waiting to win the lotery


then if you are proud of your music then send me a mail. if it’s good i will post it and it’s free

Xmas gift to you

i’ve made a pack of samples for xmas.
Most of them are in renoise instrument format but you will perhaps find them usefull even if you don’t use renoise.
The AKWF is pretty good and turn your sampler into a powerfull synthetiser

hope you’ll enjoy



FREE Protoverb 1.0


Protoverb is an experimental reverb based on the idea of a “room simulator”. Most algorithmic reverbs try to avoid resonances or model the reflections of sound from a rooms walls. Protoverb does the opposite. It builds up as many room resonances as possible, modeling the body of air in the room. It therefore does not need to modulate or colour the signal. The result is a very natural sounding reverbration with some interesting features: Long standing frequencies resonate louder, as if the air takes some time to get excited. Multiple instruments don’t mash into a diffuse mud, they stay distinct. If you play a short melody, the room seems to repeat a ghost echo of that melody. Those properties are indeed found in churches and large halls, but they’re rarely found in conventional algorithmic reverbs.


renoise is the shizit for breakcore crossbreed mangling samples

MANTICORE006 Mystification – Computers (The DJ Producer Remix) / Lost

Label Manticore recordings
Artist: Mystification


finally the mighty producer remix is near out. check this out… this track is uttermadness

A1. Mystification – Computers (The DJ Producer Remix)
B1. Mystification – Lost

Should be out soon