KPHQ 08 Dead by Silence – Fight for justice

KPHQ 07 Dead by Silence – Worst tunes

Artist Dead by Silence

Label Kakophreniq

Release date 25 November

Format digital


Dead by Silence – Bad boy tune

Dead by  Silence – Unwanted child of god

Dead by Silence – Worst tune

Dead by Silence – there is body everywhere

KPHQ FREE 04 Shy Fx & Uk Apache – Original nuttah (Dead by Silence rmx)

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Dead by Silence – Deathfloor Chronicle V

Recorded in one take live pa with an elektron octatrack


Dead by SIlence – Anger
Dead by SIlence -Can’t Stop us now
Dead by SIlence – In the name of bass
Dead by SIlence – Betrayed
Dead by SIlence -Fuck the police
Dead by SIlence – Freedom for palestine
Dead by SIlence – War against the system
Dead by SIlence – king of the deathfloor
Dead by SIlence – Reclaim your life
Dead by SIlence – Fight for justice
Dead by SIlence – I rape myself
Dead by SIlence – War inside my brain
Dead by SIlence – Revolution now !
Dead by SIlence – You can’t hide
Dead by SIlence – Die tonight
Dead by SIlence – The armed force of life
Dead by SIlence – Void of life
The berzerker – caught in the crossfire( dead by silence rmx)
Dead by SIlence – Smash babylon
Dj skull vomit – antigoon dead by silence rmx
Deathcount – degeneracy (dead by silence rmx)
Dead by SIlence – Fight for your mind
Dead by SIlence – Question authority
Dead by SIlence – rise from hell
Dead by SIlence -We will break our chain
Noisia BSE – Hideous ( dead by silence rmx)

KPHQ 06 Dead by Silence – Deathfloor Manifesto Part II

Artist Dead by Silence

Label Kakophreniq

Release date Out Now

Format Digital

Deathfloor return. This time Dead by Silence explore the heavy slow and massive side of deatfhloor. Expect wicked wooble, dark bass, industrial soundscape, mind melting deathmetal growl


this blog is closed

i’ve thinked quite a bit about it. This blog is closed. it takes me a lot of time to find info and stuff. i prefer to focus on my own production and music.

so i quit. this blog is closed


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While we are waiting for the next PRSPCT PDCST that will be available in 2 or 3 weeks, here is PRSPCT Label Boss THRASHER’s XTRM Podcast that he recorded for Twisted darkside a while back to get you through these hot summer days.
Download and play it loud as hell boys & girls!!

This is the tracklist:
01. The DJ Producer – Journeys Never End (TTM)
02. Dither – Adopted The Dark (PRSPCT XTRM)
03. Detest – Hedon (Future Sickness)
04. Limewax – Riget (PRSPCT)
05. Lowroller vs Cooh – Decimate (Nekrolog1k)
06. BSA – Dream On – Yellow Stripe
07. Dither – Digital Chemistry (PRSPCT XTRM)
08. The Hard Way (Limewax, Thrasher & Bong Ra) – Devil Worshipping Motherfuckers (PRSPCT)
09. Deathmachine – The Journey VIP (Nekrolog1k)
10. Detest – Every Second (Future Sickness)
11. Sei2ure – I Am God (PRSPCT XTRM)
12. I:Gor – Total Confusion (PRSPCT)
13. Bong Ra – Fallen Sons (Lowroller Remix) (PRSPCT RVLT)
14. Sei2ure – War (PRSPCT XTRM)
15. Detest – Not Far –(Smackdown)
16. The Hard Way (Limewax, Thrasher & Bong Ra) – Pentagram Of Coke (PRSPCT)
17. Delta 9 & Fiend – Legion (PRSPCT XTRM)
18. The DJ Producer & Deathmachine – Hallucinations (Rebelscum)
>>> The DJ Producer & Bong Ra – The Abominable (PRSPCT XTRM)
19. Bong Ra – Crawlers (Akira Remix) (PRSPCT RVLT)
20. Detest – Shotgun (PRSPCT XTRM)
21. The DJ Producer & Deathmachine – Hell-E-Vator (Rebelscum)
22. Akira – XTRM Is What We Are (PRSPCT XTRM)

For more Twisted Darkside Podcasts just click this link:


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