Conrad Subs – Mimosa EP


Operator – Back To The Techstep Part 01


A Drum & Bass journey that’s going through time to the roots – Back To The Techstep Part 01 by Operator, tune in via SoundCloud, HearThisAt, MixCloud, iTunes, TuneIn & more

Desimal – Hyperboria [Citrus Recordings]
Audio – Fallout (Rollout VIP) [Freak Mp3 Exclusive]
Skynet – Transhumanism [C4C Recordings]
Universal Project – Bleach (Unknown Error Remix) [Universal Project]
Bulletproof – Scorched Earth feat. Concord Dawn & DJ Optiv (Kemal Remix) [Uprising Records]
Telemetrik – Cosmos [Black Sun Empire]
Konflict – The Beckoning (Stealth remix) [Renegade Hardware]
Propaganda – Mercenary [Offkey]
Prolix & Nocturnal – Crater [Renegade Hardware]
Atom + Cell – Pressure (Noisia Remix) [Darkitek Records]
Raiden – Infection [Renegade Hardware]
Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – More Like You (Unknown Error Remix) [Defcom Records]

Mike Wilson – Overlook Authentication

The Dark Side II (Jungle & Technology) – Mixed by NUT-E-1(operation phoneinx )

where does the darkside nation come from

What we call darkside these days comes form Artcore. Artcore evolve into breakcore. It was about hardcore kicks, breakbeat and acid screechy leads. I think it’s important to know the past to understand from what we come from. Crossbreed is nothing new



1. Subway (Ed Rush)
2. You’re Something Else (Dom & Roland)
3. Mothership (Ed Rush)
4. Jah (V.I.P. Rollers Mix) (Peshay)
5. 3rd Rail (G-Force & Seji)
6. Shadow Boxing (Nasty Habits)
7. Break It Up (Lemon D)
8. Quest (Ram Trilogy)
9. Comatone (Ed Rush & Nico)
10. Deadly Deep Subs Remix (Dillinja)
11. Threshold (Dillinja ft Cybotron)
12. Terminator (T-1000s Revenge) (Liquid Metal)

give me some ’96 Techstep

It’s great to now your roots. Darkcore give birth to three genres techstep, breakcore and industrial hardcore

so now it’s time for some good old techstep