Lytton – The Not So Miserable Sodcast #2

Lytton has been in the game for many years as the Head Honcho of the fantastic UK based breakcore label Marrionette Records. Over the years he has gone under various guises such as DJ The Blade and The Grand Ayatollah but his mum knows him as Owen. Sorry if that ruins the mystery for anyone. He comes from a punk rock background, getting his teeth into electronic production in the early 2000s. His sound is ruff, rugged and core; encompassing many influences and more distortion than a date rape victim’s memory of the night before. It screams punk adolescent who fused with a computer full of kick drums. His debut Sustained release was 2 tracks on “The Big Fuck Off Knives CD”.

It seems fitting to quote the man himself “The sex cleric churns out music prolifically, spinning chaotic tunes like a whirling dervish made of pain. It doesn’t matter if you rave your pilled up tits off to jungle or stroke your beard whilst reading Guy Debord, there’s probably something here that you’ll like, and a whole heap of too that you will almost certainly won’t like.”

Check his uber industrial Not So Miserable Sodcast for your self….


01. AK Industry – Nosebleed
02. Sei2ure – Shredder
03. Hamunaptra and Ophidian – Darkness incarnate
04. Lytton – Indoctrinator
05. The Outside agency and Ophidian – The silence
06. Synapse – Global awakening
07. Lytton – Last wave
08. Grr – Theocracy
09. Tymon – Never look back
10. N-vitrial – Kling klong
12. The outside agency, Peter Kurten and Katharsys – Favourite sin
13. Tieum and Hellfish – Shit sick
14. I:gor – Anti-community
15. Noize Suppressor – Bone crusher (Angerfist remix)
16. Lenny dee – Fuckin hostile (The outside agency remix)
17. Tieum and Bryan Fury – Evil fok
18. Unexist and Promo – The missing chromosome


Micromakine – The Not So Miserable Sodcast #1

After 4 years of Sustained output we pathetically churned out only 5 “miserable sodcasts”. We figured, why not up our game and get the extended Sustained family in on the action. More core, bass and talent, less inspired verbal diarrhoea from you know who. You could call it the “not so miserable sodcast”. So we will.

Kicking off the proceedings is Micromakine. When we released his debut “Psycho EP” he was certainly one to watch, now however it is hard not to notice this guy plastered across a multitude of respected roster’s. In the last year he has had releases this Nekrolog1k, Union, Lost Frequency, Future Sickness, Ex Machina, and Darkbox. Busy busy busy. He has taken time out to thrown down this brutal mix of everything we know you love.

Stick this in you pipe and smoke it, then wait for the next instalment.


1. Linkin Park – Session
2. Micromakine – The Industrialyzer (Metafiziq Rec.)
3. Micromakine – Sweat & Tear (Union Rec.)
4. Erre & Hardlogik – Party No Stop (Union Rec.)
5. Micromakine, Triamer Vs Nagato – Oxygen (Union Rec.)
6. Micromakine – Trougth (Culture Assault)
7. Micromakine – Take Me Away (Culture Assault)
8. Erre & Hardlogik – Crack the Party (Union Rec.)
9. Throttler – Wipeout (Sustained Rec.)
10. Micromakine – Eternity (Union Rec.)
11. The Outside Agency – Primitive (Sustained)
12. Micromakine & Brainpain – Seeds of Destruction (Panzer Incus Rec.)
13. Brainpain – Corestep (Micromakine Rmx) (Section 8 Rec.)
14. Khaoz Engine – God aint Here (Sustained Rec.)
15. Micromakine – Drumcode (Metafiziq Rec.)