Beyond The Borders – Your ruin is our dancefloor

pi r^2 – uptempo For The Slow Enjoyment Of Life

Artist pi r^2

Label pi r^2

Format digital

Release date out now

dj Skull Vomit – Ritual Glow

Artist dj Skull Vomit

Label dj Skull Vomit

Format digital

release date out now

As My Flesh Burns – Riot Tracks

Artist As My Flesh Burns

Label as my flesh burns

Format digital

release date Out now

FREE Brootalz deluxe – Gindustrialist IV

BKZCAST035 – KRIEG [Ru] – Bankizz Misophonia Mix

1.Circular D & Michel P & Dimanix – Missing Information (KRIEG VIP) [FREE]
2.Seid – Never [forthcoming Black Hoe Recordings]
3.Mathlovsky – Cellar Door [PEACE OFF]
4.Misophonia – Voodoo Doll [Black Hoe Recordings] 5.Tugie – Beautiful Darkness [Karnage Records]
6.Seid – Darkness [forthcoming Black Hoe Recordings]
7.Kryteria & DBR – Cosa Nostra [Ammunition Recordings]
8.Erre, Hardlogik – G-thanos [Noisj] 9.Ogonek – Give Me Fuel Bass [Melting Pot Records]
10.Crawler – Trouble VIP (VIP) [Critical Bass Recordings]
11.Misophonia – Suicidology [Black Hoe Recordings]
12.Volian Trains & M1H3L P. – Dark Skies [Critical Bass Recordings]
13.Forbidden Society – The Witch King [Forbidden Society Recordings] 14.Big-Head & C.V.I. ft. Inerpois & KRIEG – Sonic Blast [forthcoming Black Hoe Recordings]
15.Medico – Substance Dependence [Hell’s Basement Recordings]
17.KRIEG – Downshift [Critical Bass Recordings] 18.Antichristus feat. Snyde – The Unholy Trinity [Black Hoe Recordings] 19.Snikta – Nonexistent [DUB]
20.Hardlogik – Oculus [Black Hoe Recordings] 21.Peter Kurten & Savage – It’s Coming (Hatework Machine Remix) [Black Hoe Recordings]
22.Cooh – Vtakt [Maniphest Records]
23.Audio and Donny Horribly Ribbed (Katharsys Remix) [Barcode] 24.Task Horizon & Kryteria – Letting Go (Task Horizon Remix) [C4C Recordings] 25.C-Netik & Switch Technique – Another Place [Industrial Strength] 26.Savage & Peter Kurten – Turn Me Around (Hallucinator Remix) [Black Hoe Recordings]
27.Snyde & KRIEG – Forbidden Feelings (Misophonia Rework 2014) [Black Hoe Recordings]
28.HUNGRY & VEIN ft. SA+AN – Grave Mistake [DUB] 29.Misophonia – Mechanical Universe [DUB]
30.Igorrr & Ruby My Dear – Cuisse [Ad Noiseam]

BRU 008 – The Anunnaki & Sei2ure

Label Brutale

Artist  The Anunnaki & Sei2ure

Format digital

Release date