Djing with Ableton for Breakcore / Crossbreed and the darkside nation

First Warp Your track

first you need to war your tracks to make them beatmached to the master clock. There is a lot of warping tutorial on youtube. So find one and find the way you like. I prefer to have only few warp marker. Most of the time for electronic you don’t need a lots of marker because the bpm stays the same. So disable in the preference the auto warp mode

Second create a librairy

if you play your tracks or other one you want to keep in touch with the public. I know the overrated “read the crowd” but it is true. You are a dj and you want to keep the crowd on the dancefloor moshing or dancing like mad. You want them to be lost in the bass and dancing like no one is watching them. So you must play tracks that you and the crowd like. You must adapt by playing music both you and the crowd like. So build an organised librairy in ableton to find the good track for the right time. For exemple you can make a folder called dubcore track for wooble based track and a folder called deathfloor for metal kinda crossbreed

The tips here is that you create an als(track format in ableton) of one column with multiple clips each of the same track with different starting point. this way you can go to the part of the track that you want to play. then you save it in your folder as an als. When you want to play the track you just drag and drop the als in one of your column to play the track and have you cue points ready

Third the effects and crossfader

you can use multiple effects with ableton. make your own effect rack. to keep stuff nice and clean you should use a gain with -12 db so you have headroom when you boost the track with your controller. Avoid like plague the eq 3 : it colors the signal in a very bad way. you should use this rack that is great sounding from Tarekith Download his effect racks

Fourth the controller and the soundcard

You should buy a controler (to avoid the mouse) and a soundcard( to avoid latency and have a good sound quality). You don’t need expensive gear. I sugget the akai apc 40 mkII or the novation launchpad because they have built in template but if you have more money i suggest to go with livid stuff that have better build quality

Fith the transition

You want to make transition that sound good to keep the crowd dancing. there is two kind of transitions : fade or cut.

To make a fade you go slowly on the crossfader from deck A to deck B.When you stop in the middle you switch the bass from O (deck A) and -64 ( deck B) to the opposite -64 ( Deck A and O ( deck B) then you continue to push the crossfader to the deck B. You must do it in time with the rythm. Most of the track have a 2 bar construction so follow it

to make a cut you just switch the crossfader from A to B in time fastly

Most of the time with crossbreed and breakcore you have complex rythm so you can have both layers at the same time. That’s why you will want cut.

You can make cut whith three ways

  • Put the clip in trigger mode gate and press two column at the same time. it will cut one track and launch the other at the quantisation time
  • Cut with the crossfader by moving it fast and in time
  • Use the volum fader of two running track

Sixth the video & vjing

you must deliver a full complet experience when you do a performance. it’s all about the crowd and not about the dj. Fuck all the dj hero  superstar. this is what happen on the floor that is important. adding video is a great way. i will cover it in next tutorial but there is software that link with ableton it’s VDMX



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