caedes – the broken tape (b-side)

(1995) Shitzou – Chill [Disko Punk]
(1995) Sonic Subjunkies – Turntable Terrorist (Jungle Mix) [Sounds From The City Of Quartz]
(1997) The Superlatives – Drum Corpse [Attention: Cats! (Japan)]
(1996) Lavomaflex – Hundreds Of Very Fast Squirrels [Coloriage EP]
(1998) Noize Creator – Fugly Smelly Bass [Revenge Of The Creator]
(1975) Isao Tomita – Promenade; Ballet of the Chicks in Their Shells [Pictures at an Exhibition]
(1997) Animals on Wheels – Hate Me [Spunk Jazz]
(1997) Dummy Run – Happy Shopper [Ice Cream Headache]
(2000) Bill Youngman – Tangent (Original Mix) [Slightly Irregular]
(1997) Milky Boy – What I Hate Deserves It [Industrialsamplecoregouchbeat]
(1997) Jamie Lidell – Riddlin [Industrialsamplecoregouchbeat]
(2005) Stunt Rock – Someday You Are Going To Have A Party, And I Will Make A Point To Come Poop All Over It So You Can Know How It Feels. [This is Stunt Rock Volume Three]
(1999) Bogdan Raczynski – Untitled [Boku Mo Wakaran]


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