Artist Interview – Source Direct

If you know your history, you will know that DnB has been going strong now for around 20 years.

In the early years, the tools and technology that producers and Dj’s take for granted today, such as fast computers, VST’s, the internet, CDJ’s, affordable/cracked software etc we’re simply not available.

If you wanted to make a track 20 years ago you couldn’t just download a cracked copy of Cubase and watch a tutorial on Youtube, you actually had to learn how to use proper studio hardware. You had to learn fucking everything, most of the time through hours and hours of painstaking “trial and error” methods.

In most cases, even the fastest PC’s we’re only able to sequence/playback for short periods, project recalls we’re still a new concept, hard drives we’re only usually big enough for the operating system so everything had to be stored and saved on floppy disc or DAT.

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