Figure – The Gravest Hits Mix

Tracklist :

Figure and Dakota – Your Worst Fear
Figure and 2FAC3D – Trick or Treat
Figure – Blood Thirsty feat CasOne and Bitter Stephens
Figure – Freddy Krueger
Figure and Kill Rex – Chew You To Pieces
Figure – Friday the 13th
Figure – The Werewolf (Midnight Tyrannosaurus Remix)
Figure – Micheal Myers is Dead
Figure – Pumpkinhead feat Kool Kieth (LUMBERJVCK Remix)
Figure and Dirty Deeds – Creature From The Black Lagoon
Figure and Bare – Hellraiser
Figure and Code Pandorum – RedRum
Figure – Black Magick
Addams Family Theme (Figure Remix)
The Munsters Theme (Figure Remix)
Beetlejuice Theme (Figure Remix)
Figure – The Witches Revenge
Figure and Bare – Hellraiser (Tempest Remix)
Figure – Suspiria (Code Pandorum Remix)
Figure – Suspiria
Figure – It’s Alive feat D-Styles
Figure and Brawler – Pennywise feat CasOne
Figure – The Exorcist
Figure and Dirty Deeds – The Blob
Figure and 2FAC3D – Death
Figure and Midnight Tyrannosaurus – Torture and Terror
Figure – No Turning Back (J. Rabbit Remix)
Figure and Bare – Jack the Ripper
Figure – Zombies (VIP)
Figure and Kanji Kinetic – Frankenstein
Figure – Aliens (VIP)
Figure – Are You Afraid Of The Dark feat Lexi Norton
Figure – Childs Play
Figure – The Graveyard
Figure and Helicopter Showdown – Center Of Hell
Figure – Monster Mania


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