Kik itadaki – KIKUMON~2015 DJ Mix

01.Darkam – Remote control 5
02.Djipe – I Am Not A Serial Killer
03.Ladyscraper – The Chicken man
04.Moshpit – Souvenirs And Other Tumors (Dj Skull Vomit Remix)
05.Lobotomic Garden – some bullets in your head
06.Fexomat – Satanize Me
07.KODA – Fuck The Economy
08.Sa†an – Pure Violence
09.Autopsy Protocol – Fuck You
10.Stupeed – Armaghetton
11.Frontcore – One Of Us (The Sickless Remix)
12.Dj Skull Vomit – Swamp Bitch (Rotator Voodoo Remix)
13.Rotator – Get so Exxxcited!!!
14.Noizy Az Fuck – A Terrifying Reality
15.Airborne Drumz – Hiroshima
16.Airborne Drumz – Biohacker Skull Vomit – Swamp Bitch (Ladyscraper Remix)
18.Sir.Vixx – I Want Him Dead (Delta 9 Remix)
19.Akani – W A R K Ø R E
20.Noizy Az Fuck – Japanese Speedcore Ultraviolence
21.Vankmen – Slime Your Face Like Ghostbusters
22.Divtech – ConstructDeconstruct
23.Sa†an – All of you will burn in hell!
24.Sa†an – Becoming the Animal
25.Ladyscraper – Red Raw Baby Face
26.Noisekick – Koffie Met Een Steen


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