How to structure your musical language – don’t get stuck in the loop

Lots of people know how to create a good loop but how to turn it into a track

First it’s important to not spend to much time on a track trying to get it perfect. perfection don’t exist so stop worying about it. go on let’s finish this track and start a nu one.

so you have got a good 4 bars loop : how to turn it into a track

A good tips is to copy and past this 4 bars and make a variation at the end then take your first 4 bar and copy paste end make another variation . and voila you’ve got a 16 bars loops. So the structure is A B A C

you could them take this 16  bar and copy and paste it but change some part. Now you’ve got A B A C A B A D

How to make good variation ? you good change the drum and add a roll, you good change the bass and add a nu sound. or you could put a bit of speech sample


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