Can you make professional mixdown with cheap plugin

Lots of electronic musician ask if it’s possible to make professional mixdown with stock or cheap plugin.

The answer is yes. in fact the man behind the desk or computer is 80% of the mixdown. It’s important to know that because electronic music as an aesthetic that most sound  enginer don’t know. You don’t want to be mixed as pop. You want huge sub and phat drums and this is our aesthetic.

So how to do it ?

A great electronic track is the combination of three element : sound design, arrangement and mixdown

Sound design is crucial. you must sound your way. your must find your own sound.It’s important you don’t follow the vengeance overused preset way. It will make you sound like the other guy and people will forgot yourself quickly. So tweak synth, take time to understant every element of a synth lfo, env and so on….

Arrangement is the way the music flow. lots of producer let the sound enginer does it. It’s stupid and lead to track looping on and on. Now that we have the possibilities to make complex sound just try.and find your way to bring idea to another idea.

Mixdown is also important. MIxdown is not a technical part. It’s an artistic choice to put the sub in front of the mix to let the people rave on. Mastering is also important : you must sound as loud as the other.You must be somewhere between -6 and -3 db RMS. It’s important to be mixed but also because club have limiter now so must be heared and must be loud



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