Outerspace Podcast #010 – Psytekk


Counterstrike – Fear Devision Destruction
Lucy Furr – submission
Donny – forgotten coma (Counterstrike Duo mix)
The Outside Agency & Deathmachine – just noise
Deathmachine – sick bass
Sei2ure – i had a dream
Satan – bad motherfucker
Satan – way out
Fragz – FTK
Micromakine & Sinister Souls – invaders
The DJ Producer – the last great overdose (Ophidian revision)
DKaos – Epistemic
Tatlum – show yourself
Satan – Punishment
Satan – breath of creation
I:gor – lose yourself
Micromakine – negative education
The Outside Agency & Deathmachine – my design
The Hard way – death kicks
Deathmachine – lost light
Micromakine – full immersion
Traffik – incriminating evidence (Deathmachine disturbing corruption rmx)
Noisia feat Skin – nothing matters (Promo & DJIPE bootleg)
Ophidian – Abandon
Dither – alien resistance (Sei2ure rmx)
Sei2ure – come and play
The Hard Way – Panzerchokolade
DJIPE – architekt of domination
DJIPE – combine 17
The DJ Producer – out of control (Negative A revision)
DJIPE – alone with the machines
Tripped vs Detest – hardcore to the penis
Khaoz Engine – shadowboxer
Tripped vs Detest – tba
Stormtrooper – nasty kicks
The DJ Producer – positive outlook (Dolphin revision)
Detest – beer song of death
Xaturate & Sinister Souls – Skullfucker
Dolphin – stormbringer
Hellfish – i’m not leaving


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