How to get the most of your gear

One big mistake lots of young producer do is to download a lots of audio warez. the problem is that it lead to using preset and lots and not finding the sweet pot. the second problem is that it make your computer slower and sometime money disapear on your bank account.

Don’t buy 50 eq and spend time choosing one. Choose one your like and use it on every channel. In the same idea you only need 2/3 compressors: one opto , one vca and one limiter and that’s all

So the idea is to buy your software. When you buy something you want to get the most of it.Don’t buy private torrent because it often more expensive and you won’t get the latest version. Also often cracked software come with spyware, trojan and stuff that slow down your computer

There also a lot of free software to use like TAL, voxengo

for good commercial software check FXpansion, U-he, Fabfilter

best 50 free plugins


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