Fakemachine – Battlecast 12

Suicide – Get To The Rock (Harder & Louder Dub)
Drainbamage – Rust
Kryzys – Lipsum (GoreBug remix) (Harder & Louder Dub)
Triple Sickz – Decomposite
Suicide – Heartburn (Harder & Louder Dub)
Trebor – Invader (Harder & Louder)
Masamune – Weapon (Battle Audio)
Cradle – Bubble & Squeek (Harder & Louder Dub)
Suicide – The Smoke (Harder & Louder Dub)
Kevlar – Lobotomized (Harder & Louder)
Exodite – Transmission (Harder & Louder)
Strange Arrival – Hazard Course (Battle Audio)
eDUB – Instructions (QkHack remix) (Harder & Louder Dub)
Kryzys – Fading Away (Harder & Louder Dub)
Big-Head – Hidden Sanctuary (Harder & Louder Dub)
Kryzys – Switching (feat. Max Shade) (Harder & Louder Dub)
Hardlogik – Galindo Slaughter (Harder & Louder D


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