Masamune & Exodite – War Hammer [Battle Audio Records]
Exodite – Piece by Piece [Harder & Louder Recordings]
Donny – Sympomless Coma (Current Value Remix)
LOOH – Partylooh
Eye-D & Hidden – Battlefield
Limewax – Jupiter
Exodite & I’m Colapsed – Genestealer [Wasteland Recordings]
Limewax & Current Value – Shape of Space
Katharsys – Nothing Left
Switch Technique – Stellar Visitors
Forbidden Society – False Prophet
Dylan & Kitech – Dirty Seeds Rip Puddles Of Doom
Exodite – Contact Lost [Wasteland Recordings]
Exodite – Transmission [Harder & Louder Recordings]
DJ Hidden – You’re not Real
Donny & Counterstrike – The Watchers (Katharsys Remix)
Exodite – Corpse paint ft. Filthskreamer [Wasteland Recordings]
Forbidden Society – Cobra (Katharsys Remix)
Exodite – Freddy [Battle Audio Records]
Current Value – Grey Steel (rework)
Limewax – Riget
Cooh & BSA – He is me
Katharsys – Last Will
C-Netik & eRRe – Syke
Satan – Cut and Run
Limewax – Poison
Sei2ure & Synapse – Ghetto Kung Fu
C-Netik – Indigo
Acid Diaper – Get hard
Current Value – Protrusion


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