Twisted’s Darkside Presents Motormouth Podcast 010 – VVS (VIKTOR VAN STROOMF)

Convulzion – Kick Some Ass (NOISJ 42)_
Mindwalker & Synaptic Memories – Scooby-Doo (Dark Descent 67)
Low Entropy – Variant 2 (Viral Conspiracy 123)
Sidephex – Organism 0.030 (DD14066)
Peaky Pounder – Halberstad
Exxinore – Torture (Deng Deng 001)
Ophidian – Qotile (DJ edit) (Meta3 01)
Noizefucker – Multiplier (Viral Conspiracy 122)
Pure – A Ton And A Bridge (Drop Bass 22)
Hellmute – Toxic Murder (Inquisition)
Psycho Chok – Mescaline (DeciKore)
Mindstalker – Psycho Fury (Remaster)(Deng Deng 003)
Zone 33 – Stomper Bots (Mi Ange Mi Demon 6)
La Peste – Jubilation Des Rustiques (Hangers Liquides 5)
Collective Strength – Rope The Pope (Smurf re-master) (Six Sixty Six Limited 4)


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