Scene popularity and hipsters

Lots of people complain these days about hipsters. Since the birth of crossbreed there is a lot more people in the scene. We have now all over the europe lots of underground parties. The scene is growing on.

It mean there is a lot of opportunities and problems. Artist can now have some booking witch mean time and money to devote to there craft. It mean also there is a lot of hipsters that could lead the scene to watered down.

Hipster is often scene as the opposite face of growing scene. People act as if there is somekind of scene purity. there is not. The problem is to become professional scene that convey music with social depth and lots of fun to pack the dancefloor. It mean true rebellion and corporate way to deal with music. Every musicians in this world want to devote to his art but it mean free time … and some kind opf earning with music ( party and mp3 ). Music is a vay to earn a living. It’s a tricky problem but as i want my plumber to devote to his craft i want my musician to devote 24/7 to his music.

Hipsters is the sign a scene isn’t dealing with success in a good way. and there is lots of hipsters in the crossbreed scene. What can we do ?

We can share ours knowledges with the hipsters. We can point good music with guts and social depth. We can share ours knowlodge about production. You can share this blog url. In the jazz scene the older told the young and the scene has a high level of theory and kept true to it self.

what do you think ? i want to hear you 🙂



  1. i agree with you, but hipsters will come with every type of music.

  2. Hmmmm…. Hipster’s that want to learn about Crosbreed. Is this so that the hipsters wil consume Breakcore or that It wil Make breakcore?
    Hipsters are not the kind of folks that are interested (in the long term) in breakcore. Its indeed a Demmocrafic that looks for its indentety in a non conformist way, it’s the thing it has in common with the Breakcore Democrafic. In my opinion its not matching the Breakcore Democrafic in a lot of other more essential ways. Hipsters are not interested in vice (not meaning the magazine here), Punk, Noise, Violence and the immaturity of there ego’s

  3. I was listening to breakcore before it was cool. Am I a hipster?

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