Misophonia – Cult Of Violence Promo Mix Deathsoundbat Recordings Show on Dirt Lab Audio 26/12/14

1) The Unholy Trinity – Antichristus Ft Snyde (Black Hoe)
2) Slaughter Of The Innocent – Misophonia ft Morderain (Black Hoe)
3) Oculus – Hardlogik (Black Hoe)
4) Necromancer – Antichristus (Black Hoe)
5) No Sleep – Proton Kid (Hardlogik Remix) (Section 8)
6) I Am The Devil – Hallucinator (Future Sickness)
7) Voodoo Doll – Misophonia (Black Hoe)
8) Almost Monster – Meander (Tainted Audio)
9) Autumn Tint Of Gold – Dr.Mathlovsky (Black Hoe)
10) Suicidology – Misophonia (Black Hoe)
11) Triamer & Nagato ft Snyde – I Am Free (KRIEG Remix) (Bankizz)
12) Folie A Deux – Snyde & KRIEG (Black Hoe)
13) The Knights – Syrinx (Black Hoe)
14) Destroy – Zardonic & Receptor (Gancher & Ruin Remix) (Big Riddim)
15) Femme Fatale (Hardcore Bitch) – Misophonia (Black Hoe)
16) I Want You To Pray To Your God – Antichristus (Black Hoe)
17) Witch Hunt – Detest (PRSPCT EXTRM)
18) Forbidden Feelings – Snyde & KRIEG (Miso Rework) (Black Hoe)

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