The Panacea Live @ The World Of Drum & Bass, Moscow (RUS)

01.The Panacea – Pendulum Spoof
02.Prolix & Misanthrop – Transcendence
03.The Panacea – Cryptonomicon (C.A.2K. Remix)
04.Counterstrike & Hallucinator – Revolver
05.Looh – Partylooh
06.Teddy Killerz – Jackyl & Hyde
07.I Am Legion – Make Those Moves (Teddy Killerz Remix)
08.Rusty K – AC 130
09.Mustard Pimp – Renegade (SPL Remix)
10.Freqax & Sinister Souls – Burn It
11.Tech Itch – Demon
12.SPL & Eye-D – Pyramid Punk
13.The Panacea & C.A.2K. – Tensions Are High
14.The Panacea – VD Majick (Counterstrike Remix)
15.Mefjus & Emperor – Void Main Void
16.Jade – What You Are
17.The Panacea – Jungle Jupiter
18.Ewun – Kop Killa
19.Mindscape – Brightness
20.CVPELLV – Irak
21.The Prototypes – Just Bounce
22.DJ Fresh – Signal
23.Joe Ford – The Moment Feat. Tash Baxter
24.Hallucinator – Extinction
25.Goldberg Variations, Gancher & Ruin – Dirty Hand Of Gandolf
26.Gridlok – Hooked (Tech Itch & Dieselboy Remix)
27.Current Value & Coresplittaz Feat. Snow – Dispelling Fear (The Panacea VIP)
28.Audio – Wildfire
29.Enei – Prometheus
30.Limewax – Icicle
31.Dose – Haphazard
32.State Of Mind – No Operative
33.Noisia – Shaking Hands
34.Current Value – Triple
35.Goldberg Variations, Gancher & Ruin – Nie Of Kreuzucht (VIP)
36.The Panacea – Gravity Revolver
37.C.A.2K. – Sad
38.C.A.2K. – Power Punch
39.High Rankin – Horrorcane (The Panacea Ultra-epic VIP)
40.The Panacea Feat. Goldberg Variations & Untergang Berlin – Ryse & Shiiine


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