Dr Mathlovsky – Harder & Louder Podcast #34

Dr Mathlovsky’s productions are a fine crossover of hardcore and hard drum n bass sounds. Maintaining a heavy groove while gabbakicks are enforced with dnb beats, not shy of the necessary distortion or experimentation. His dj sets are filled with his own hc dnb crossover tracks along with some personal favorites.

Going from industrial hardcore to darkstep to gabber to experimental tracks, the styles go all over the place while maintaining a heavy stomping flow. 180 bpm smashers is what you can expect.

Check “Dr Mathlovsky – Beatdown Madness / Dirtbike”, it’s out now: harder-louder.com/2014/09/03/dr-ma…tbike-out-now-2/


01. Dr Mathlovsky – Faces (Peace Off)
02. Dr Mathlovsky – The Last Great Auk
03. Dr Mathlovsky – Cyanide Smile (Peace Off)
04. Dr Mathlovsky – Plutonium Pill (Black Hoe dub)
05. Dr Mathlovsky – Buyan Gol (Sustained)
06. Dr Mathlovsky – Petrichor (Black Hoe dub)
07. Dr Mathlovsky – Morphine
08. Dr Mathlovsky – Beatdown Madness (Harder & Louder)
09. Dr Mathlovsky – Brutalism (Peace Off)
10. Dr Mathlovsky – Hail Seitan (Sustained)
11. Dr Mathlovsky – Kafkaesque (Sustained)
12. Dr Mathlovsky – Incubus (Sustained)
13. Dr Mathlovsky – The Mind Is Always Screaming (Peace Off)
14. Dr Mathlovsky – Oct Twelve (TBA)
15. Dr Mathlovsky – Brunette (Sustained)
16. Dr Mathlovsky – Strike Down (Black Hoe dub)
17. Dr Mathlovsky – Paintsniffer (Noisj)
18. Dylan & Limewax – Cleansed By A Nightmare (Dr Mathlovsky’s bootleg edit)
19. Gore Tech – Heretic (Dr Mathlovsky’s 180 gabba headfuck remix – Peace Off)
20. Dr Mathlovsky – Mr Darko (Raston Warrior dub)
21. Dr Mathlovsky – Bleach (Bandcamp)


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  1. good mix

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