Skitzaph0nic – Battlecast 6

2.Nebulist – Desolate [Type Konnection Netlabel]
3.Limewax – Space and time [L/B Recordings]
4.Ophidian – Harlequin [Enzyme Records]
5.Synapse – Primal and pure [Enzyme K7]
6.I:gor – Lost Control [Strike Records]
7.Audio&Donny – Horribly ribbed(Katharsys remix)[Barcode Rec..]
8.Donny – Brain Rape [Barcode Recordings]
9.Audio – Burn it down [Forbidden Society Recordings]
10.Counterstrike – Devil Fish [Algorythm Recordings]
11.Figure – The Devil [Doom Music]
12.Satan – They Evolve [Harder Louder Recordings]
13.Switch Technique – Dusk Reek [Union Recordings]
14.Limewax – Woooooooh [L/B Recordings]
15.C-Netik – Visonary [Motormouth Recordz]
16.Sei2ure – I am God [PRSPCT XTRM]
17.Counterstrike – Impossible misson [PRSPCT Recordings]
18.Deathmachine – Extermination [Genosha One Seven Five]
19.Switch Technique – Belladonna [Union Recordings]
20.The Hard way – Sodomizer [PRSPCT Recordings]
21.The Hard way – Suck satans cock [PRSPCT Recordings]
22.Skitzaph0nic – Thor’s Hammers [Battle Audio Records]
23.Cooh – In flames [Barcode Recordings]
24.Skitzaph0nic – The chaos gods [Splatterkore Records]
25.C-Netik – Loom [Nocid Business]
26.Deathmachine – The question [The Third Movement]
27.Limewax – Lumpeth [Yellow Stripe Recordings]
28.Tatlum – No man(VIP) [Battle Audio Records]
29.Freqax – Fuck you(Tatlum remix) [Harder Louder Recordings]

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