Scheme Boy – Live at Defqon.1 Festival 2014

Live recording of my set at the 2104 Defqon1 Festival.

Track list:

Raging in the Dancehall (The Outside Agency remix) – Endymion & Viper /Ft. Feral is Kinky
Last Man Standing (2010 mix) – The DJ Producer
Sodomizer – The Hard Way
Pretty Much Fucked (Pandorum remix) – Endymion & The Outside Agency
No Known Cure – Undead Roniin (Teknoist & Scheme Boy)
The Bitter End – Dr.Bastardo
Noise In Us – Deathmachine
Cyclop – Current Value
Get Hard – Acid Diaper
Death Will Set Us Free – Hallucinator
Next Attack – Detest
Witch Hunt – Detest
Modus Operandi – The DJ Producer
Total Confusion – I:Gor
Skullsplitter – Sinister Souls
Versus Unleashed (Gancher remix) – Scheme Boy & The Teknoist
Soul Keepers – The Outside Agency & Cooh
Gunz Up – I:Gor
Meatstick – The Hard Way
no One But You – The Outside Agency
Fuck All Systems (The DJ Producer remix) – Ambassador21
1Up – Spor
The Crimson Mask – Dr.Bastardo
Einstein – DJ Hidden
I’m Not a Psychopath – The Teknoist
Devil Worshipping Motherfuckers – The Hard Way
Built From Spirals – Jakub23 & Culprate
Axe To Grind – Bong-Ra vs Goetia
Fuck All Systems (The Outside Agency remix) – Ambassador21
When Worlds Collide – Counterstrike & Zardonic
Shimmer – Current Value
Adrenaline – Uppermost
Rebar – Algorithmic
Requiem for a Samurai – Dolphin


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