this blog is closed

i’ve thinked quite a bit about it. This blog is closed. it takes me a lot of time to find info and stuff. i prefer to focus on my own production and music.

so i quit. this blog is closed


if you want to follow me just check my site






  1. That’s disappointing to hear, but I want to thank you for a great FREE (to me) blog with great curating. I always looked forward to your updates. Best of luck in the future!

  2. Understand the reason and I have no grounds to argue it.

    Your frequent updates will be missed though. I used this blog very religiously so I’m wondering where to go now to stay on top of all the dnb news. Any recommendations for other blogs?

    Thank you though for everything.

  3. Extremely sad to hear this. You did an amazing job, thanks for all the good tunes. Best of luck in your future.

  4. Very short and to the point.

    Seriously though, thank you for all you’ve put into this site. I’ve found a lot of music just watching this space for new stuff. Will definitely be watching your production work as well.

  5. that really sucks youre quitting the website.. i use Soundcloud,, and this website for all the newest Darkstep, hardstep, hard crazy awesome dnb tunes.. bahhh! thanks so much for the website though!

  6. Thank you for everything.

  7. As the others above say, nice one. Always loved the updates & finding out about new tunes but yeah where do we go now?

  8. Really sorry to hear abou this. Your blog was a pioneer for the crossbreed genre. Respect.
    …But, have you thought to give the administartion of this blog to someone else? I’m sure that you will find 2-3 people that have the knowledge and are willing to do this… Think about it!


  9. im sorry to hear that..
    this blog provided me with my needed dose of good music.
    so at this point, abig thanks for the past efforts !

  10. Good. The blog killed itself when it became hardcore.

  11. Thnx, just thnx for all the effort you put in and al the new and old music you’ve made me love

  12. you’ll be missed dude. always checked this for mixes. good luck in your production

  13. I’ve been using this blog to find new music for several years now – perhaps I should have said thanks ,pre, but needless to say your efforts to curate this particular sound were very well appreciated 🙂 Good luck with your production!

  14. I think people needs such a website.
    It’s a bad thing, that there is no too much quality blogs about the hard electronic music culture. But i wish you the luck, man! Thanks for the good work. You have inspired us long time ago to start our own project.

    Cheers from Harder & Louder Recordings

  15. Thank you Man for introduction to music Darkside! Two requests at last – do not delete this blog and bring back the old theme (background site) or at least a link to it.

  16. Old is always better than the new.

  17. My sources of hard electro sound:
    Request to users satanicalbotsritual fold here links to their known sources…

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