While we are waiting for the next PRSPCT PDCST that will be available in 2 or 3 weeks, here is PRSPCT Label Boss THRASHER’s XTRM Podcast that he recorded for Twisted darkside a while back to get you through these hot summer days.
Download and play it loud as hell boys & girls!!

This is the tracklist:
01. The DJ Producer – Journeys Never End (TTM)
02. Dither – Adopted The Dark (PRSPCT XTRM)
03. Detest – Hedon (Future Sickness)
04. Limewax – Riget (PRSPCT)
05. Lowroller vs Cooh – Decimate (Nekrolog1k)
06. BSA – Dream On – Yellow Stripe
07. Dither – Digital Chemistry (PRSPCT XTRM)
08. The Hard Way (Limewax, Thrasher & Bong Ra) – Devil Worshipping Motherfuckers (PRSPCT)
09. Deathmachine – The Journey VIP (Nekrolog1k)
10. Detest – Every Second (Future Sickness)
11. Sei2ure – I Am God (PRSPCT XTRM)
12. I:Gor – Total Confusion (PRSPCT)
13. Bong Ra – Fallen Sons (Lowroller Remix) (PRSPCT RVLT)
14. Sei2ure – War (PRSPCT XTRM)
15. Detest – Not Far –(Smackdown)
16. The Hard Way (Limewax, Thrasher & Bong Ra) – Pentagram Of Coke (PRSPCT)
17. Delta 9 & Fiend – Legion (PRSPCT XTRM)
18. The DJ Producer & Deathmachine – Hallucinations (Rebelscum)
>>> The DJ Producer & Bong Ra – The Abominable (PRSPCT XTRM)
19. Bong Ra – Crawlers (Akira Remix) (PRSPCT RVLT)
20. Detest – Shotgun (PRSPCT XTRM)
21. The DJ Producer & Deathmachine – Hell-E-Vator (Rebelscum)
22. Akira – XTRM Is What We Are (PRSPCT XTRM)

For more Twisted Darkside Podcasts just click this link:


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