Bong-Ra – Dominator – The Carnival of Doom Podcast #4

The fourth Dominator podcast is by Bong-Ra. A artist which declares his style undefinable. We declare it absolutely HARDCORE! Enjoy!


01. Bong-Ra – Dope D.O.D What Happened Remix [DUB]
02. The Hard Way [Limewax vs Bong-Ra vs Thrasher] – Devil Worshipping Motherfuckers [PRSPCT]
03. Detest – Every Second [Future Sickness]
04. Bong-Ra – Fallen Sons [Lowroller Remix] [PRSPCT RVLT]
05. Bong-Ra – Crawlers [PRSPCT RVLT]
06. Bong-Ra vs Counterstrike – Possessed [PRSPCT]
07. Bong-Ra / Gore Tech / Rotator – Heretic [Medley] [Peace Off]
08. The Hard Way [Limewax vs Bong-Ra vs Thrasher] – Suck Satan’s Cock[PRSPCT]
09. Bong-Ra – Monolith [COOH Remix] [PRSPCT RVLT]
10. Zardonic – Chtulhu / Detroy The Enemy [Zardonic Recordings]
11. Bong-Ra vs Igorrr – Tombs [PRSPCT RVLT]
12. Bong-Ra vs Igorrr – Pallbearer [PRSPCT RVLT]
13. DJ Skullvomit – Swamp Bitch [Peace Off]
14. Bong-Ra – Crawlers [DJ Akira Remix] [PRSPCT RVLT]
15. Bong-Ra vs The DJ Producer – Yeti / Bloodclot Techno [PRSPCT XTRM]


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