Lenny Dee interview for big bad beats 9

The  Party Uniq crew is honored to have the views from an electronic music living legend. He’s one of the New-york hardcore historical producer, boss of the famous Industrial Strength label which is releasing the best hardcore tunes for more than 20 years now, Lenny Dee played in the best parties across the world and he’s coming to mashup the dancefloor of the 9th edition of the Le Grand Méchant Beat aka Big Bad Beats  on the 8th of June at Glazart. Be prepared! (Lisez la traduction française ICI).

Hello mister DEE! You’ve been in electronic music and DJing since the 80’s.

Yes smiley

You lived the rise of DJing in New-York city, where it all started, the first raves, the first electronic music labels. Can you tell us a bit how it was almost 30 years ago in New-York city? Life, music, parties, influences, etc.

Well it was tuff going back then, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) was nothing but a dream over here. It didn’t get any support , no radio, no clubs, no press ….just police….to be honest it was deemed a drug-fueled genre and not respected. Thanks to Frankie Bones and few other daring young New York promoters and DJs we made it happen. I was working with Bones at that time Djing and throwing parties across the city. But as time went on, I saw my place on the music / label side of things instead of the party scene. A few years later ISR was born.

Before ISR I was working with Frankie Bones (as Looney Tunes among other stuff), Victor Simonelli (for Nu Groove and Def Mix) and Tommy Musto. I also worked at Skyline Studios and at Arthur Baker’s Shakedown Studio’s on productions for New order, Brooklyn Funk Essentials, and Al Jarreau among others.

My influence back when I started DJing was Disco. it was the only music that kept a 4×4 beat and really used synths. Disco music was the club/ party music of its day. The grooves and ideas are still relevant to this day. You only have to hear a Daft Punk song to see that.

I love when young producers quote Giorgio, Kraftwork as inspirations they were mine too, but I played that stuff out when it was fairly new. I saw and felt the impact of this music right away and followed my ears and my heart which lead me to where I am now.




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