EXISTH Bankizz’s Frozen Annihilation Mix

Biography :

Existh is a Louvain based Producer and Dj duo with an interest in everything concerning kicks and snares. Big supporters of the wide genre that’s drum and bass but bringing the faster and darker styles, even crossing the barriers of hardcore.


The Clamps : Worship of the shadow
Katharsys : Deadman
Audio : Burn it down
Dr. Bastardo : The bitter end
Syrinx : Cold war
Dr. Mathlovsky : Wolves
Detest : Dark side
Limewax : Kristal weizen ( Mathsim bootleg remix)
Bong-ra vs Thrasher vs limewax : Devil worschipping motherfuckers
Proton kid : Atomic
C-netik & Fragz : Antilife
Katharsys : Life is a bitch
Dj hidden : Only you can see ( hidden remix)
C-netik : The center
Lowroller vs Angerfist : Pagans
Counterstrike & Cooh : Crowd surfer ( toa remix)
The outside agency & sei2ure : Undermind
Detest : So far
Existh : We are the fire
Sei2ure : Extermination
Mindustries : the drumming
Sei2ure : Hooligan etiquette
Detest : This fire
Synapse : Renoised sine
Bartoch vs Lowroller : Distorted hangovers
Ophidian : Ther art of war ( Ruffneck remix)
Counterstrike& Panacea & Robyn Chaos : Free MDMA
Cooh vs Lowroller : Decimate

facebook: www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Existh/…14677835?fref=ts
soundcloud :@soundcloud.com/existh


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