Stormtrooper interview for big bad beats 9

For this first interview before our 9th edition our Le Grand Méchant Beat aka Big Bad Beats party on the 8th of June at Glazart, the long time soldier of the dark side of the force Stormtrooper answers the questions from the Party Uniq team. Enjoy! (Lisez la traduction française ICI)


Hello soldier of the dark side. We dont see you that often in France so can first introduce yourself? How were you recruited by the darkside of the force? Where did it all start for you with the rave scene, parties, music? What was your first « electronic waou » that led you to work at the Deathstar? Is life better on Tataouine (lol)?  

Hello, my name is Peter, 33 years old, and my hobbies are swimming, reading and cycling… no, just kiddin. I am doing music (producing and djing) since 1998. But it all started back in 1993 when I bought my first Thunderdomes and Rave the City CDs. From that time on I was infected, but my first real OMG-Moment was my first rave, March 4th 1995, Rave City, Airport Munich, 20 000 ravers… from that moment I knew that I wanna be up there behind the decks one day. By the way –Tataouine was pretty boring. Glad I made my way off this gigantic sand ball 😀


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